Pus Filled Eyelid Drained

Pus Filled Eyelid Drained

Good evening Gorriors! Since it’s Monday and Mondays suck crab infested donkey balls we’re gonna start doing something to make it a little less shitty. It will be oh-so-cleverly called Medical Mondays and we’ll post some nasty infection, surgery, things pulled out of buttholes etc. No information on this video but it’s pretty self-explanatory. A young boy’s eyelid is so filled with pus it completely covers his eye. The doctor drains all the shit out and peeking out from underneath is what appears to be a healthy eyeball.

It’s not a toomah
-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Thank you to @mrspink

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26 thoughts on “Pus Filled Eyelid Drained

  1. Mom kept telling him that he would go blind if he kept playing with himself. Did he listen? Of course not. Now here he is at the doctor, trying to regain his sight in that one eye. Will this finally teach him to listen to mom and stop fondling his naughty bits? Not a chance. 😉

  2. Damn @littlefoot. ? I was depressed and suicdal yesterday, it is Tuesday now, wishing I could have seen it then. Might have done my heart some good seeing an eye up under that shit. Poor kid, nice Arnold pun by the way! Love that guy! Especially the predator one when he knifed the dude to the wall. “Stick around”

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