Family of Five Commit Suicide Over Money Issues

On October 6th, 2016 a tragedy occurred.. besides the one where it was my birthday and I turned the age I turned. A family of five committed suicide over financial problems. Calm down, it wasn’t the Kardashians. It was the Arora family in Meerut, India. Mohan Arora, 65, an auto-parts trader, ingested a poisonous substance while his wife Krishna Arora, 62, his sons Vineet, 40, Abhishek, 18 and his daughter-in-law Puja, 38, commited suicide by hanging themselves. The neighbors alerted police when the family wouldn’t come to the door and none of them showed up at work. The police broke down the door and found the family dead along with three suicide notes. The family was in major debt to banks and to their friends and family and could find no way to pay them back, so I guess this was their next best option.

Here is the older man’s suicide note: “Journey of a failed man
I have my family business from St. John’s school had joined Inter in 1992 after passing. But since my misfortune began. Our joint family (father and uncle) was split in 1995. Then we moved to the city’s Transport Mret Old Baghpat stand. Our business has also shifted. The new store was able to be reduced due to the business, so we started the wholesale business. By 1998, all was going well. I also took the dealership of 18 major brands. Then luck was not with me in the business made losses. One by one, I lost all the big brand’s dealerships. Moreover, the gradual loss of our family business started. Were losing millions each month.
At the same time, my best friend’s mother had asthma attacks. Admit them were in hospital. I borrowed some money from friends were kept. I felt that she would seek the money, which was correct. I got money in the arrangement. A few days later I collected the money, but the friend’s mother was dead.
Since the death of the mother of a friend I was upset. I thought of selling his entire business, but there were no buyers. Then I thought of correcting the family transport business, but even that did not work there. The loss of millions every month, broke inside me. My savings are gone and all of the family. I had taken a loan from the bank too heavily, it was impossible for me to pay the rate of interest too
I took a loan to repay the loan, which turned out to be bad for me. I did my business and stock Manupulet the statement, so I could get the loan. June 2016 was also all right, but then unfortunately once again turned towards me. Business made losses again. This time I again every month for several loans. TRAI has several large foreign loan, but that did not work anywhere.
I wanted it to be completed until my son’s graduation and to join her business, I shall do all right. Our family is very simple. No alcohol, tobacco, does not Nonvej. My son is very good, is cooperative. He did not demand anything from me ever. He was bright students from nursery to 11. She always came first in class. I had a lot of her friends, but I could not do anything for him. She never asked for anything from me. He had always said Dad, I do not want anything, I have everything, I LOVE YOU. I am so sorry for him.
My last wish is that our funeral Hindu rituals. The name of my uncle 2 Czech left 45 thousand. I wish my house-store bank is auctioned, the money left over after all the dues cleared uncle gave it to me. My thanks to the staff, who did not leave me on my bad times. Tata ACE gave my car to the driver, Pramod. Ta Ta Lokvinder jeep driver would be responsible for. 2 mini-trucks, some of which are yet to EMI, he should be able to handover their driver. He left his name registered by paying the EMI can provide.”

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20 thoughts on “Family of Five Commit Suicide Over Money Issues

  1. Sounded like an honest family who’s life challenge was to NOT be honest… When all else fails and life gives you other directions, if you dont take them, you’ll fail again and again and again.

    Yeah it would be a shame if the kradashians died a quick death though… i’d perfer that they died a very slow and painful death instead. 😐

  2. The old man wasn’t ready for this .As ya can see he still had a hard on and he probably was shagging when they got him to sign the suicide pact .

    They all roped in together for this and that wasn’t bad either . I quite liked the way they are staring downwards whispering to each other as if asking ,” Hey are you dead as yet or do we have to go the whole hog once again .

    I am still not sure if the old man was really forced to go for this while he was climaxing cause there are telling signs he wasn’t up to it at all .
    Say yes to too many loans and this is what happens in the end

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