Brazilian Woman’s Head Smashed on Side of the Road

Brazilian Woman's Head Smashed on Side of the Road

Hey Gorriors, we hit the big leagues! People are stealing our shit and passing it off as their own. We’re growing bigger and stronger every day and you’re a part of it! Our thanks go out to everyone who supports us. You guys are the best. And to all the haters… thanks!

So this latest murder from Brazil took place during the early morning hours of January 14th, 2017. A woman who has yet to be identified was found dead on the side of a road next to a farm in rural Jaragua, state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. The woman was stripped of her clothes and subjected to a violent beating that left her head smashed and blood all over the dirt road. The murder weapon seems to be opportunistic and seems that rape was the main motive and then turned to murder when she fought back. Authorities have not released information saying whether or not she was actually raped but this bears all of the signs of a sexually motivated crime. Don’t have to be a genius to see that. But the internet is full of people who believe all sorts of crazy shit… like that pedophilia is journalism, for example.

Thanks @mrspink

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9 thoughts on “Brazilian Woman’s Head Smashed on Side of the Road

  1. If I had to see my daughter like this, I would never stop searching for the fucker who did this until I found him. Then I’d chain him up in my basement and help him die the slowest most painful death I could imagine.

    On a side note, I thought that was a ghost face mask by her dress, but it’s just her shoe ?

  2. Highly deplorable act, I would say.
    Will the authorities hunt down the paedo and will the justice be rightly served .
    This wasn’t the fate this lass deserved she instead should have gotten herself a thousand rainbows and a good man by her side to shield her .
    Brazil what the fuck is wrong with ya
    Is it that the name ya have got brings about all notoriety or ya are simply cursed
    Rechristen yourself to just “ZIL ” and drop the words ” BRA” and then I promise everything is gonna be alright .

  3. Really??? That’s fucking lame. What’s even more lame is that people who don’t classify themselves as either she or he is now asking everyone to refer them as “Ze”. The symbol they’d like to use is half woman half man….Side show worthy really

    • Not a bad idea though if them fellas atleast are asking people as to what they oughta be referred to as …..neutral genders lives matter too
      and its all in a name
      Albeit ,on a funkier note we do know a nerd is a nerd after all changing names won’t bring about changes cause if its the DNA foot print that’s what they have within them then nothing ever changes

      • I guess so. But these changes are seemingly never ending. Once a plan is put in place and things change to accommodate the needs and wants of the LGBT community then someone comes along and wants it all to be changed…..If they want to be considered LGBTZ then fine I want to be identified as a transistor radio

  4. @obli And thanks to you sir. How cool, you’re being plagiarized! Maybe I missed it, but a comment from mr. exile on canada street on his unmentionable rag of a site about what you and the crew are doing here would be a topper. Any publicity is good publicity. 😉

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