Brazilian Man Has Ear Cut Off and Eyes Gouged Out With Machete

Brazilian Man Has Ear Cut Off and Eyes Gouged Out With Machete

Have you guys ever played the game Operation? Apparently Brazilians take their game of Operation pretty serious. They got an ear and both eyes without setting off the nose buzzer thingamagjig. The video shows a Brazilian man badly beaten for who knows what reason. It’s Brazil, so it could be anything. The men yapping non stop in the background then cut off the victim’s ear like it was nothing. The actual killing isn’t shown but the aftermath is. The killers gouge out the dead man’s eye with a machete and then show it to the camera while laughing. I can’t even kill a spider and these fucks are laughing after gouging out a man’s eyes. Real life shit, I guess.

Thanks to @MrsPink!!

Oh yeah.. Hey @thealchemist? Hi there. I see you’ve been jacking videos from RGM and sending them to Best Gore. You do a very piss poor job at cropping your videos. I love how you cropped out the watermark that we added to the videos. I understand that videos get shared online and they spread like wildfire, but you are a total punkass for not crediting where you got the videos from. You just crop out the source and send it in like you did so much work trying to find it when all you did was come to our little forbidden site and steal our shit. Don’t be a pussy next time you send in a video to Best Gore. Leave our watermark. Let’s see how fast you don’t get posted. @MrsPink works her ass off to keep content coming in. She is fucking awesome and without her, we wouldn’t have much a website to begin with, so you stealing shit that ONLY she had and sending it into “that” website without crediting her or RGM pisses me the hell off. Get some balls and credit your sources.

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46 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Has Ear Cut Off and Eyes Gouged Out With Machete

  1. Ohhhhhhhh !! so there you are moron @thealchemist I guess your game is over since all that alchemy you tried ,,,,,,,,, has caught someone’s eye and that again is by none other than Nextie (who doesn’t take things lightly) and now since you stand busted it would serve ya right as you are gonna be ousted by the admin ( Hey ADMN do that for me….. )
    Interweb is a vast place to scour on @thealchemist ……just don’t come around here no more as we are a bunch of goodhearted people with whom thieves mustn’t dare hobknob .
    @MrsPink I hope ya are gonna pardon him cause he is up to Hanging his bald head in shame ……… yeah yeah that’s what he screamed out and said .

    as for your curse @MrsPink take it back since a lady like you must keep her composure and moreover his mom doesn’t even know that his son is a diehard stealer .

  2. Plagiarism sucks… Somebody like that should lose all those fingers and toes so that you can never plagiarize anybody else’s shit ever again…. hey The Alchemist you are a bitch…….. oh yeah and make sure to film the chopping off fingers and toes so that we can all enjoy it onTHIS SITE….. that would be fucking brutal….. oh yeah and BTW whoever films this piece of shit video should have their fingers and toes cut off for cutting out the good part

  3. Little bitch alchemist needs to keep his ass away from this site. I think the pussy ass owner steals from every other gore site because he’s too busy fucking poor little Asian kids with his nasty unwashed needle dick to find his own content.

  4. How pathetic is that shit guys? I can’t do much other than just shake my head and laugh. These losers rip content from us and DR daily when they do nothing but sit on their fat asses online all day long. Too much beating off to find your own content, I suppose. Like I said, pathetic and hilarious.

    And @thealchemist, fuck you faggot.

  5. the alchemist? What a sorry excuse for a human… Wait, He isn’t even high enough in the evaluationary ladder to be classified as such. I’ve never heard of the guy but goddamn that shit pisses me off. @mrspink I’m sorry to hear that your hard work is being ripped off by some dickless tranny wishing it was still a “man” so it could suck it’s own dick since it can’t get none no matter what ginder it tries to copy. & @yournextexgirl good on you for calling that fucked up shit out. Fuck that piece of shit. Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to go watch the video now since I was just too pissed to at first and had to ramble on about some faggot not even worth my words rambling about. Fuck you alchemist ?

  6. That was the finest magic trick i’ve seen in a while, in a second he was alive and asking for water, and with a blink of an eye he suddenly died with something stuck on his face while having a guy named “Feijão” (Bean) plucking his eyes out… 😆

    As for that video thief, im certain that if he ever mentioned where the videos come from, he would be banned just for saying the word “RigoreMortis”… 😆

    • Didn’t ya know most alchemists come as douche bag plagiarists and he is one of them belonging to the same breed ………..and he is not even ashamed of his shameful acts . …….he likes it likes it .

      He seeks to be wanting to get tons of kudos from MARK at BG

      • I completely agree. I’ll end it with this…..Needing and wanting the acceptance of a criminal is what I believe to be very, very pathetic. It really truly is and very unfortunate. As years go by you’d think he would have had an ounce of loyalty for the people who went out of their way to support to the site and even donated…He not only is a thief but he’s a backstabber. He’s the lowest form of a douchebag. And I’m not bitter because even though I was on BG for several years, he wasn’t. I see him for the way he is. I feel awful for what happened to Obli wan kenobi. No matter what there should’ve been loyalty for doing the right thing and going through with the promises you make even when your counterparts were decieftful and bat shit crazy. People like Mark have narcissistic personality disorder. They’re never wrong, their actions are always justified and if you’re not him then you aren’t worthy enough to lick the dog shit from under his boot. Pathetic

  7. They thought cutting that first eyeball out was so funny. He acted like he didn’t even feel the ear being cut off. There are some crazy ass people in this world. Another reason I don’t have kids. Because this world is fucking crazy.

  8. Fuck @yournextexgirl
    When I was a really young boy I asked for this , & I got it for Christmas. I remember being so happy/excited that I went through what must’ve been 4 sets of batteries in the first couple of weeks alone, lol. But no matter how hard I tried, I could not get the bone out of the patient, and killed the little electric Bastard every time, lol.

    So when I got older,at around 10 yrs. old,,, I got caught by my Mom playing Operation, but the “Gynecologist Type” with Francine next door under a flipped over plastic baby pool, lol, fuck I was embarrassed. 😉

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