Woman Gives Birth to Baby Suffering Anecephaly in Zimbabwe

Woman Gives Birth to Baby Suffering Anecephaly in Zimbabwe

A woman gave birth to a baby suffering from anecephaly amongst other possible birth defects in a hospital in Parirenyatwa, Zimbabwe, South Africa. The woman is from the capital city of Harare and delivered the baby after a ten month pregnancy. The baby girl was born legs first and was missing the top of her skull, the eyes bulging from their sockets as is common with this disorder. The woman was horrified about the birth and refused to take it home. The little girl appears to be dead in these images though so maybe it succumbed soon after being born anyway.

Anecephaly is a brutal birth defect in which parts of the skull and brain of the baby never develop. Caused from an abnormality in the neural tube. Most are born dead or die soon after being born. The article that came with these images pissed me the fuck off because the doctors referred to this baby as a “creature” and “baby-like thing”. Just seems so unprofessional and uncaring. In India, a baby born with the same disorder was hailed as some sort of god, but here it was viewed as an abomination. I don’t know, maybe I’m just getting soft in my old age.

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23 thoughts on “Woman Gives Birth to Baby Suffering Anecephaly in Zimbabwe

  1. I’m no doctor, but I believe this is Craniorachischisis, the most severe form of Anencephaly, where not only the incomplete skull is filled haphazardly with vascular tissue, the spinal column is as well. They occur at the rate of one in a thousand live births. It is believed the primary cause is a lack of folic acid in the mother, causing insufficient neural tube closure during early pregnancy. Development of a fetus requires complete neural tube closure. Most with this condition are in fact stillborn. The ones that survive birth in this condition don’t last long at all, as @obli stated.

    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anencephaly

    Thanks @obli and @mrspink for this.

      • You’re right @harumph that’s exactly what it is but there’s also more there than meets the eye. A ten month pregnancy? Yikes.

        @deathoverdue I can only imagine how hard and difficult something like this is for a newborn. Neurologically it’s just…I just don’t know. This used to be a very rare thing for a child to be born with but I’m starting to see this more and more. More of hydrocephalus but still it’s scary to think that things we have come to know of as being rare are slowly moving up in numbers.

  2. This just beaks my heart. My dark, black heart. That poor soul. And the mother wanting nothing to do with it is the worst. That’s your child you fuckn hag! I hope it is reborn in exceptional health and with a loving family. My condolences to any who have ever been through such heartache and tragedy.

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