Man’s Head Reduced to Mush by Machete

Man's Head Reduced to Mush by Machete

The only info I have on this particular set of images is that it’s from Brazil and that the murder was committed with a machete. At least one very, very sharp machete. Not the dull-as-butter knives shit we are used to seeing in executions. Someone either bought that shit brand new just for hacking people up or he at least knows how to take care of and sharpen his tools. Nothing like the cut of a sharp blade, a well tuned instrument.

But maybe I’m giving him too much credit… Being Brazil, I imagine this was over something stupid and involved alcohol.

Thanks, @mrspink!

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16 thoughts on “Man’s Head Reduced to Mush by Machete

  1. That’s some fucking aggression being taken out for sure,who ever did this must have been so affected by this person he just had to chop his face to squat like beef on a chop block..then again seeing as how it’s da Silvas flip flop hell down there it could be over some dumb shit,as is usually the case there,hell of a way to go that’s for sure

  2. Ya see not a word was minced but damn fucking dude just minced my head off .But before it hits the kitchen table another twenty chops or so will have the meat easy to tenderize ……..just call in the butt fucker with the mincer please and not that sharp machete he used cause its still hurting so bad .

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