Body with Rotted Face Found in Brazil

Body with Rotted Face Found in Brazil

Body of a man was found near a body of water in Rio do Contas, state of Bahia, Brazil. The man was on his back with his face mostly skeletonized. It would appear that it has been eaten away by birds or other such wild life. The authorities have ruled the death a murder. Had this been Thailand, we know it would have been ruled suicide.

Props to @mrspink!

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      • @mrspink yes we did have another boy, thank you for your thoughts for my little mini me! He’s doing very well, 3 months old now, I’ve been gone a while cause of daddy time and other undisclosed things but it is so good to be back on here with you and Everyone. I keep to myself in life. But here, I feel at home. Albeit I still hide myself from the masses here. Small friends list. But I love each and everyone on it. You guys make me laugh, and show me all that I am interested in. Death, torture, and the way of life that has always been. Unfortunate. And hi @littlefoot! @harumph! And @theluvmuscle! You guys welcomed me when I first was introduced to this site by the man himself, baby stew enthusiasts @obli. You are all my favorites. Oh, and @re-pete. Thank you all for being awesome. Sorry @mrspink, I’m rambling. You fuckn rule!

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          You sound like an awesome husband and father. Even awesome people have bad days, so if you feel the need to talk about anything or vent, pm me anytime. I know life can be a bit overwhelming. Hope 2017 will bring much joy to you and your family! Cheers!

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