Man Has Face Eaten by Pit Bull

Man Has Face Eaten by Pit Bull

An 83-year-old man was killed during the early morning hours of Saturday, January 7th in São Gonçalo, part of the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The culprits were identified as three pit bulls who were seen chasing the man and then attacking him on 18th and Fort Avenue, where at least one of them chowed down on the old man’s face and neck. Despite the mutilation, the victim has been positively ID’d as one “Ary O”. and he died as a result of his injuries before any help could arrive. The owner of the animals has not been identified.

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31 thoughts on “Man Has Face Eaten by Pit Bull

    • I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that’s closely related to a pit. Most docile, passive aggressive dog I’ve ever owned. Nicknamed the nanny breed for how well they’re known for tolerating the not so gentle hands of young children.

  1. Finally its a big relief to know that now the pitbulls have taken over from the killer Biker duo ………so there will be no more bullets & the machetes .. just the sinking teeth ……….
    guf guf …………….Grrrrrrrrrrrr ………..Arf, arf, arf

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