1996 Execution of Two Men in Guatemala

1996 Execution of Two Men in Guatemala

In September of 1996, two men named Roberto Girón Mendoza and Pedro Castillo were executed by firing squad in Guatemala for the 1993 rape and murder of four year old Sonia Marisol Alvarez Garcia. The men are shown being brought in, tied up, and blindfolded. The firing squad then fires, both initially survived the bullets from the firing squad, and after the doctor confirms they are still alive, both men are shot once in the head. Why not just shoot them in the head to begin with? I guess since they did rape and murder a four year old, they deserved every little bit of suffering they went through. The execution was broadcast live on television at the time.

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22 thoughts on “1996 Execution of Two Men in Guatemala

    • I think that the firing squad were purposely aiming for the groin area. grey/red sweatshirt paedo didnt look as if he even took a torso or head shot – from a whole firing squad?

      And if that WAS the case…..fucking good on the firing squad.
      The Follow-up headshots came too soon if you ask me. they should have given the squad another crack at those paedos knee-caps and bollocks

      ..and then another crack

        • At around 1.10 we see some evidence of a chest wound on shorter paedo. but as much as i look, i see no evidence of a “top half” wound on taller one.

          And as if to add further insult to the girls families (and to the decent thinking people in general), the righteous “catholic twins” make their appearance at around 1.42, to make some kind of “religious blessing” on these rancid, despicable practitioners of underage filthmongery and slaughter.

          How fucking DARE they?

  1. That was an incredible video. That’s how we should carry out our executions. And televise them! Maybe by seeing such an event might be a deterrent for others to not commit such heinous crimes. They even had priests give them the sign of the cross. Clean, quick and right to the point. Perfect. Thanks for another incredible vid @MrsPink!

      • @mammason01 I have always been a fan of taking matters into your own hands. As long as all the evidence proves that the person did it then gut them like the pigs they are. In this case death came far too soon. I would’ve loved to skin them slowly with a dull knife cutting them from nose to navel just deep enough to hurt, but not too deep to kill them. Then I would take needles and insert them under each fingernail and each toenail. I don’t want to hear them screaming so before I do anything I’ll need to stitch their lips shut. I’m sure I can think of some more things….I can get pretty inventive when I want to

  2. Roberto Girón Mendoza and Pedro Castillo ……. Come to think of these names sound very much like as if this duo was part of the national soccer squad …lmfao

    The then paedos had come they played and they both got nut busted ………. Tee Hee Tee Hee Tee Hee Tee Hee Tee Hee Tee Hee Tee Hee Tee Hee

    I wanted the cannon shells fired against the gutter rats …those bullets were a cheaper bet and the initial burst did miserably fail even to shut their day lights off
    that was an armature guatemalan firing squad

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