riGOREmortis Presents: Night of the Leeches!

riGOREmortis Presents: Night of the Leeches!

Oh the Humanity! Oh the Horror! Feast your eyes on these green monsters as they feast on the flesh and blood of this poor soul! And you’re next!

Hahaha… Alright, in all seriousness, this is pretty fucking cool. Man with a severe foot injury is having leeches placed on the wound. This is a practice where leeches and other types of organisms such as maggots are used to eat away infection and dead tissue around a wound. “Bleeding” was also an ancient method used for cleansing the body of “bad blood”. It was believed to cure numerous ailments including hypertension although it has largely been abandoned by the early 19th century.

Many thanks to @mrspink!

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29 thoughts on “riGOREmortis Presents: Night of the Leeches!

  1. I heard doctors still use leeches to keep blood flowing in certain directions or to stop it from coagulating. Like if you lost a finger, doc would leech the very end upon reatachment to get blood flowing back through it. Although, im not sure it quit helps explain the photos lol

  2. Every time I see this kind of shit, regardless of effectiveness, I think of Theodoric of York, Medieval Barber, one of the quintessential recurring televised comedy/gore sketches of all time! Look it up! Theodoric of York, Medieval Judge was hilarious, too. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Hey Ellen
      At least these leeches have a purpose and they are useful .
      and ya shouldn’t be terrified of them at all but if ya talk about the human ones
      the ones who leech on trust and your resources to me they seem to be the most terrifying.
      By the way which of the two you are terrified more from .

      • Which two? Maggots and leeches. If you’re referring to the latter which would be trust and resources then that would be neither. I don’t play around with people like that. I’ve learned to set my boundaries and befriend those who have never leeches anything from. If soon after things start going in that direction then bye…

        • I know the way ya come about you certainly know how to set barriers uummmmmmmm rather boundaries as ya said and have known to befriend those who must know how to pass your litmus test .

          BTW how do ya do ? I hope ya are in the best of health and spirit and the little angel of yours is doing mighty fine.

          Have a great day

          • Aw he’s great. He just turned 12. I’m going to attempt to make him a cake today and see how it goes. I hope you can slice it this time rather than a crumbly mess like before. Baker I am not even out of the box. How goes it with you?

          • Wow ! Great to hear he’s turned 12 years .
            As for the cake don’t ya attempt just do it and your cake is gonna be one up above any baker in town .Pour all your love for him and things are gonna be just fine .
            BTW I am over the moon and doing great
            Thanks Ellen . Just say hello and pat him for me
            Don’t ya forget telling him that he has been wished his grandest Birthday ever with many more to come .

          • @blucon yeah it turned out ridiculous. I thought it would though ?. I think I’m supposed to let the cake cool overnight before attempting to do anything else with it. He said “Awww thank you!” Verbatim :).

            The cake tasted OK though. Sprinkles make everything better

          • Whhoosah Ellen !
            never mind honey ..cause ya can try it out the next time over
            but I can still catch its whiff in the air ….atleast ya can leave the crumbs for me after the two of you have finished eating it .
            So sweet of him to have thanked me ..good boy

          • I have a sister who’s 9 years older than me and she would always watch horror movies but I couldn’t. So I snuck in behind the couch one evening while she and her friends were watching “IT”. I started watching the part where he says “They all float down here” and showed his teeth. For years afterward I couldn’t get down out of bed without running to the door. My legs or feet couldn’t be over the bed because I was terrified of what might’ve been under there. It didn’t help that my sister was a complete asshole and made it worse. It’s kind of funny now…A bit creepy but nothing like I thought it was when I was little

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