Mexican Man Stabbed to Death With Ice Pick

Mexican Man Stabbed to Death With Ice Pick

I don’t have any info on this video except that it’s from Mexico. A man is seen being stabbed to death with an ice pick. He’s stabbed over 40 times within the 25 second video. I have no idea what the man did to deserve this. I’m guessing it was something unforgivable like steal someone’s limes or he ate the last taco, but it’s always fun to get something from Mexico, where everyone is high on cocaine and nobody gives a fuck. Why can’t we all just eat burritos together and get along? 🙁

Thanks to @mrspink

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81 thoughts on “Mexican Man Stabbed to Death With Ice Pick

  1. You know all Mexicans are truly Mayans anyway and life means nothing to them …eccept more sunlight… always more sunshine …nothing more… the ancient Mayans are known to kill thousands upon thousands just to ensure that the sun would shine again stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid

  2. When was the update on this? What is he saying? He must be explaining what he allegedly did to deserve the end that he received. The stabbing and screaming makes my heart beat quicker. It’s fricken intense and I’ve always wondered the reason and now we have an update!

    • @medulla He says.. “I’m Antonio. I work with El Liciado and El Nalgon selling crystal meth. Sometimes we do burglaries, rob stores and houses. I pay rent to the city police department and the state police. There are 8 of us. El Cholo, El Nalgon, El Chivo, El Face, El Chavo..I can’t remember all their names. Some are selling cars at the store. They pay their share.” Then the killers say, “This is for all the fuckers playing innocent people on the streets.”

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