Russian Woman Hit by Truck Does Impression of Picasso Painting

Russian Woman Hit by Truck Does Impression of Picasso Painting

Good morning Gorriors! A Russian woman was on an icy patch of road where she was struck by a truck and died at the scene. She not only did some death acrobatics but also did her best impression of a Pablo Picasso painting by twisting her neck and distorting her face. Making for a creepy death pose complete with death stare. At least it looks like it was quick for her.

ON A SIDE NOTE: Last Tuesday, I presented the first weekly Tag That Image Contest. I was thinking about moving it to Fridays, though. Give people a little more incentive to visit on the weekends as those are our slowest days. Is that cool with everyone?

Thanks to @mrspink!

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17 thoughts on “Russian Woman Hit by Truck Does Impression of Picasso Painting

  1. It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get gore on Friday . . . Those Russian women are tough, the truck got the worst of their meeting. That hit would have knocked her out of her underwear if she was wearing any. There must be an underwear shortage because I see a lot of pics with hot Russian women not wearing any ๐Ÿ™‚

    • @BornToRun Hey Bro no wonder why these Russians love going for quickies every once in a while when they leave their love holes baresome
      and as for the shortage ….. Russian men have a deep fetish keeping their women’s underwears in closets for keeps so their women can roam free .
      that’s how they are named come hitherto groin queens ..all over the world ……lol !

      • @blucon Haha! Groin queen love holes! Hey Bro, and in japan they sell women’s used unwashed underwear in vending machines. Those modest japs sniff a pair on the train in route to work. It must be the soy in their diet that makes them almost feminine nancy boys ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Feminine nancy boys !!!!.Hahahahaha
          That’s one reason you don’t get to see none of these nancy boys with hair on their chests or for that matter any other part on their body because their androgen levels are always found to be low .(เน‘ยฐโŒ“ยฐเน‘)

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