Man is Gagged and Has Head Cut Off by Cartel

Man is Gagged and Has Head Cut Off by Cartel

Video here from a while back shows a man who has been captured by one of the Mexican Cartels. He is condemned and then gagged. A knife is then pressed to his throat and his head is violently sawn through with the remaining flesh being hacked off. Pretty wicked looking blade they were using. That’s about all there is to report. I don’t know who claims responsibility for it or who the victim was or what he had done.

Thanks to @mrspink!

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23 thoughts on “Man is Gagged and Has Head Cut Off by Cartel

    • It doesn’t look like he felt any more pain right at the :37 mark, I guess he either went into shock, or his spinal cord was severed.
      At the end of the video, it looked like the victim was talking because the guy talking sounded like he was gagged.

  1. They’re leaving out all the fun stuff. If they strip the victim naked first to humiliate him, then cut off his penis and balls to destroy his manhood and give them away for trophies, then cut off the hands and feet, then arms and legs – before finishing him off by cutting his head off – we could have a much more entertaining video to watch.

      • There were a couple of those videos over on BestGore, a couple years ago or so. We need someone to import them or others like them here. Better yet – encourage the cartels to do some of those types of videos, and use a quality camera with great focus, with some closeup shots of the slicing and dicing. Nothing like watching up-close as a guy’s penis and balls are sliced away from his body, him groaning and squirming, and the blood squirting out the stump of where his penis used to be. And watching the expressions on the faces of the folks in the crowd as they’re given the severed genitals for souvenirs.

  2. That was pretty awesome, yeah he opened his eyes and closed em again from pain and shock I bet. And the breathing (screaming) was interesting, I wonder what that’s like? The Canadian guy video gets his head off quickly, body was still breathing in that one too. And you can see his eyes look around when they hold it up. When done right, the brain still lives for a few seconds. The soul trapped inside and quite fearful I’d wager. Scary stuff.

  3. He let his blessed life go because of the bad outfit he was in .
    How it must feel when a blunt knife is seen taking ages to sever down your neck and you wish it all ends up in a flash but ya see the very life painfully dancing before your eyes making you remorseful but then it all comes too late !
    He could have chosen to be an alcoholic rather druggie to be still alive

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