Slit Throat Stitched Back Together

Slit Throat Stitched Back Together

Good morning Gorriors! I present to you something pretty cool. A man had his throat slashed but he didn’t die. He was taken to the hospital and surgery was performed and his life was saved. We get to see images of the procedure which is pretty interesting. I don’t know what that piece of metal in his throat is supposed to be in the one image whether it was placed there by the doctors or if it was part of what cut the man’s throat. Either way, pretty cool set.

I can’t even imagine how scary that must be. Having your throat cut and then feeling yourself starting to bleed to death. I guess at that point the instinct to survive just kicks in and you have little thought of anything else. This guy lucked out.

Thanks, @mrspink!

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15 thoughts on “Slit Throat Stitched Back Together

  1. i think this dude went too far sticking his neck out .
    He nearly had his fate sealed but then when you aren’t destined to go before your actual time comes even the bad omen gets disappeared in to the unknown and you can stare back hard yourself at the death which just misses out on licking ya by a hair breath .

    I’m sure he is gonna stay a mile away from sharp objects from hereon .

  2. Obli’s thoughts on what must go through ones mind when something like this happens reminds me of that hockey player that had his jugular cut open by a skate. He made a dash out of the rink, with blood spraying everywhere. Luckily, their team doctor knew exactly what to do and saved his life, but damn, can you imagine what that guy was thinking?

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