The ‘S’ Word (Part II)

The 'S' Word (Part II)

It’s one of the basic needs on the lowest part of the hierarchy of needs. It causes that feeling of frustration when your wife doesn’t give you any. It also is the feeling that you really just gotta need some alone time to pleasure yourself. It’s also is the reason why my better half has no more to wear since I’ve torn all of his clothes away.

Ok, I admit I lied about that last part. That never happened. Ok, that really happened. But, you catch my drift. I also admit that I am probably the least competent person to discuss this but give me a shot, will ya? This is rocket science to me. If you think I look like 15, you’re probably right. I really think a fifteen year old knows more about this department than I do.

That’s right. I’m talkin’ ’bout fuckin’. I uhhh… I mean, sex. That’s our ‘S-word’ for today.

Fornication, copulation, procreation, it goes by so many names, terms, and idioms. George Michael said,

‘Sex is something that we should do
Sex is something for me and you.
Sex is natural, sex is good.
Not everybody does it, but everybody should.’

Sex is what stirs the primal desires of man. Over the course of human history, sex has played a pivotal part in our very existence because if Ma and Pa didn’t get horny one night and Pa decided to shoot his load inside of Ma, regardless if it was intentional or otherwise, you or I wouldn’t be here. There’d be no Einstein, there’d be no Donald Trump, there’d be no Ice Cube if it wasn’t for their parents. According to science, bearing our offspring is the purpose why we are alive. If you have a child, you have pretty much fulfilled your purpose as a human being. Sex sounds like a pretty neat thing.

Sex is totally different from many cultures too. Like mine, for example. I, as well as many girls in the Philippines and the rest of Asia, have kept chaste until their date of marriage although our numbers are decreasing because of the increasing Westernization in Asia. It’s a tradition here to observe that a woman remains a virgin until she is married because the Holy Bible, as well as other sacred texts, said so. My great grandmother kept to that vow, so did my grandmother, so did my mother until it was passed to Kay who decided to keep the tradition going. I can’t speak for Western women but I can observe that women from Western nations freely speak about sex and sexuality openly than women in Asia. I don’t know squat about other continents so I guess I’d be lying if I presumed anything on their end. Think of it like this, if I told Nextie that I masturbate at least three times a day, she will most likely laugh her head off and say ‘Kay is a horny pervert!!!’ jokingly but if I told that to my bestfriend, she’s going to be like, ‘Kay, you need to find Jesus on your life.’ or ‘Kay, have some shame will you?’

Sex happens to be a healthy thing people do although there are times where it crosses with the lines of the law, especially with people who have certain paraphilias. Most of you probably have heard some of it: pedophilia, voyeurism, frotteurism, exhibitionism, sadism, masochism, zoophilia, are some of most familiar terms I can think of when it comes to abnormal sexual interest and it shouldn’t be surprising to many of you that people in the field of mental health consider these mental disorders especially when taken to the extreme when it interferes with the law. Rape is the most common sexual crime known to many and both sexes have fallen prey to the shameful and often life-changing act.

Sex education is serving is purpose although to be honest, I knew more doing the nasty than what I read and have been taught in school. I wasn’t taught that guys get hard, I wasn’t taught about what comes our during ejaculation and most of all, I wasn’t told about what an orgasm is. Actually. nobody told me about it. You guys would actually be surprised how many guys don’t know what a clitoris is and how many girls don’t know that fondling a guy’s balls can actually feel good. Well, maybe not in the US but I guess that’s my reality here. Also…I didn’t know balls were supposed to be soft until I was 19 years old.

Taboo, as conservative and traditional people may think so and it’s a subject best discussed behind closed doors. But this place, my friends, is built with the foundation of free speech and where else can we talk about things taboo other than our place here?

Discuss away, gorriors. Let’s hear about this certain ‘S’ word.

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82 thoughts on “The ‘S’ Word (Part II)

  1. Donald Trump’s mom should have swollowed. I don’t understand why sex is a taboo,sex is natural and normal so it shouldn’t be a taboo. Sex education is important. People who live in the bible belt are super religious but they have the highest teen pregnancies despite being so conservative.

    I don’t think the subject of sex should be a taboo at all.

  2. Sex Ed. from Dad regarding the “Big O”- “Son, you only get 1,000 of those” šŸ˜‰ . The sex drive is so powerful that it makes one climb the highest mountains, traverse the most inhospitable valleys, run through a wall of fire or make hanky-panky with your best friend’s girl.

  3. Girlie, it’s astonishing to me there are still women purposefully abstaining until marriage. It seems very archaic to me, but I respect it nevertheless. I’m a very sexually open chick with my partner and find eroticism a gift to a world so otherwise bleak and unforgiving in nature. Sex is such an important part of my overall wellbeing that it’d be very difficult for me to abstain; then again, I’ve been with only one dude for the last roughly 16 years. Happy New Year, darling! Here’s to my orgasms and your goregasms! ?ā¤

    • I’m actually glad that my fiance is very accepting of it considering that we have multitudes of cultural differences together. He’s extremely Western and I’m extremely Eastern. I know different continents have very different views about almost everything, especially considering this topic. @deathfetishfemale

  4. I think abstaining until marriage is a good thing @staciejaxx.
    My son has decided to do that as well. It was a choice I did not make myself as I was a young woman in the 70’s. I was eager to experiment with sex and drugs. I remember seeing this George Michael video on MTV when it first came out in the 80’s with my then boyfriend, who later turned out to be gay. No wonder he liked that video so much!

  5. @staciejaxx
    I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like sex. At least some form of it. But I’m actually not convinced that most people really enjoy “sex” that much, but more so, the culmination of the act itself. The orgasm. Sex can be very physical and let’s face it, this world is filled with less-than energetic people. They wanna cum but theyre not interested in the work involved to achieve that orgasm. And if they have to work towards their partner”s satisfaction too, it becomes even more labor intensive and less appealing. That’s why i think masturbation is so popular. Its easier, faster, often more satisfying in the sense that you know what you like, and usually requires less physical exertion. And you can be completely selfish because there’s no partner to satisfy. But sex is also not risk-free. And that alone is enough to discourage a lot of people. I personally am not ashamed to admit that I don’t even need all my fingers on one hand to count how many women I’ve had sex with (how boring, i know) and I’m 43 years of age, but I know enough that unless you have a complimentary partner, most people prefer to have sex by themselves.

  6. I think sex is best when each partner enjoys giving as much as they like receiving, unless you strictly get off to being submissive, then it’s best to find someone who gets off to being dominant, but i know very little about that sexual universe lol! But, me, I like to FUCK. I think women are the most beautiful creatures on the face of the planet. I like everything about fucking women. All the different sexual sounds, the heavy breathing, the moaning, etc., the different emotions, the physical sensations, the psychological aspect of it. The whole thing. A lot of that is missing when it’s just you and your hand (or a toy). Although watching other people fuck (porn) is enough for some people, it doesn’t cut it for me. Masturbating will always be my SECOND choice. But I’ve never been the kind of guy that can have sex with someone I’m not in love with. That’s just me. It’s too intimate of an act for me I suppose. Am I missing out? Possibly. Do I really care? Not at all. I just have no interest in that type of sex. I can’t imagine that it would be very fulfilling for me. That’s just my personal preference. Im recently divorced, and although masturbation isn’t enough for me, i guess it’ll have to do for now. Man I can’t wait to fuck again ???
    Great post @staciejaxx ??

  7. Great subject! Props to you on saving yourself for your husband. Looking back, I wish I had done the same. I’ve never been a huge fan of sex in general, and in all honesty it’s something I could live without. A couple of ex’s have remarked that I look like I’m in pain during sex, and in a way they’re right. Prior abuse mixed with extremely negative body image issues has made the act of sex something very uncomfortable for me. I’ve been celibate for a few years now, primarily because it’s hard to find a man who is willing to deal with my emotional baggage when it comes to sexual interaction. My lack of physical affection leads to a myriad of issues; Feelings of inadequacy from them, distrust and acusations of cheating, frustration, hurt…What a mess! Me thinks I just need to find an older man who only wants sex once a year…a rich older man, preferably., here I come! šŸ˜‰

  8. Btw @staciejaxx I think it’s great you’re saving yourself. People can’t usually grasp the concept of abstaining until marriage but I wish I did. It’s a beautiful transition although I totally get the other. I respect both but it seems that your first is the one you marry makes the bond stronger at least for the female and at least from all of the stories I have heard. I have four sets of friends who all have married their first loves from school and one who have known each other their entire lives. But I don’t think they saved until marriage but the bond is def the same

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