Body on Slab with Skeletonized Head

Body Intact Aside from Head

Hello, Gorriors. Today I present you with a body on a slab. The curious thing about it is that the head has been almost completely skeletonized. The jaw is missing and there is still some flesh and blood and meat in the orbital socket so it looks as if another case of a body being submerged in water and picked at by the fish and other wild life. Autopsy has also been performed on the body and it’s nicley sewn up. I’m not sure if this was a murder or not given that the gold chain is still around their neck. Interesting nonetheless.

Thanks to @mrspink.

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31 thoughts on “Body on Slab with Skeletonized Head


    I know its reddit but some of theese storys were gory enough for me to be like oh shit. Worth a quick read. There is a story about a farmer who hit his head on a tractor step and his face like the actual skin, was no longer attached to his skull, some kid who thought he had a paint chip lodged in his pinky so he tried to pull ot out with his teeth for a week. Turns out it was his bone lol

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