Young Woman Executed Over Drug Debt

Young Woman Executed Over Drug Debt

Fresh gore right here, guys. A young woman was executed in Brazil over her drug debts. No other information is available at this time but maybe we’ll get some more details later. In the video, the woman is shown talking to her abductors when she is suddenly hit with gun fire. The clouds of smoke from the firearms obscure the initial shots but she is finished off at close range when she hits the ground. Brutal but quick death for her.

Thanks to @mrspink.

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39 thoughts on “Young Woman Executed Over Drug Debt

  1. Even the skimpiest of bras don’t help when snatches get buried neck deep in debts
    She sure did try one last time with her cleavage and those not so bad inviting glances ……………. though !

    Trigger happy Brazil ……yours are the ways that never disappoint gore lovers

  2. I’m all for equal rights, but not for special rights. It used to be that anything with cleavage and a snatch could talk their way out of tickets and all sorts of shit. But apparently there’s true equality amongst Brazillian drug dealers, cuz this bitch was talking and she still got offed with zero fucks given.

  3. I’ve always thought that it is pretty funny, how people always call on the asshole upstairs, whenever they are about to meet their maker! LOLZ! HE ISN’T LISTENING FOLKS! Live by the gun,DIE BY THE FUCKER TOO! Many thanks for the gore you guys! YALL ARE FUCKING AWESOME! ♡

  4. DAMN …WTF?… Brazilians are so heartless,and dumb.
    That girl was so cute and fuckable! RIP sweety….and how much could she possibly owe? …it can be a lot cuz what fool dealer would kill a person who owes lots of $$…if she was a druggie why did she not try using the cunt,or cock pit as currency?… crack hos’ always be offering to suck a dick for money or trade.

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