Man with Face Ripped Apart

Man with Face Ripped Apart

Hello my Gorriors. Today may be my birthday, but I have a bloody gift to give to all of you. I have no information on exactly what happened to this motherfucker, but it was… violent, to say the least. The corpse is laying there with the lower half of his face ripped off. Look at that colorful, mutilated meat that used to be a human face. The last picture shows the result of pulling the lower portion back up into position. Pretty cool.

Props to @mrspink!

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21 thoughts on “Man with Face Ripped Apart

  1. Ahh, the old lay strips of bacon on your victim’s face and dump him in the woods so a bear can eat his face off trick. This guy looks like a jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces gone.

    @mrspink must have a rich mr pink keeping her well supported so she can scour the interwebs for all the fine videos she feeds us. The MSM should have such a good researcher as her.

    @obli All the best for your birthday.

  2. Hey happy birthday Obli! I’ve been busy lately but it’s good to see the gore still rolling in, you and the others are doing a damn fine job, keep it coming ? speaking of which, the fuck happened to this guy? Looks like something bit his face off.

  3. Happy Birthday @Obli (sorry if its a little late)

    I remember you first story/post on the other site – and i also remember how excited you were in the comments section of that first story. You passion for the gore was obvious….But who knew, back then, that it would eventually lead to the creation of this wonderful site?

    You and the other guys have done a great job producing RGM

    So happy birthday, and thanks!

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