The Tag That Image Contest

The Tag That Image Contest

Greetings, Gorriors. Today I present the Tag That Image Contest. Where once a week, I will present to you a bizarre, disgusting or just plain “what the actual fuck” image and it will be up to you, our Gorriors, to come up with the best title, caption or “tag” for the picture. A winner and runners-up will be picked from the best/funniest/most creative. So get your thinking caps on and TAG THAT IMAGE!

Badass props to RGM member, @harumph for kicking my ass into gear on this.

WINNER: Robo-cock β€œdead or alive, you’re cumming with me! – @blason


“WARNING! Failure to secure the penis while using this angle grinder to manscape your scrotum can lead to serious injury or death.” – @uniballer

Doctor says ,” Now we insert the titanium rod, suture the penis closed and he never has to worry about Erectile dysfunction again.” – @nursewretched

Never lose your keys again with this amazing keyholder. ? – @derkopfsammler

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  1. @obli

    Happy Birthday, you ole glorious Gorrior and master of the obliterated! We have known each other for years, six or seven I believe, well pre-Luka Magnotta, and I gratefully consider you my go to guy for gore! You are a great and tremendous asset to our club, and to our kind. Just think, you merely must continue down your path of helping others in this fashion, and of course live a while longer, and well, that will be great, too! πŸ˜›

    Yours in never ending chaos,


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