Man Brutally Murdered With Pickaxe

Man Brutally Murdered With Pickaxe

I don’t have much info on this video except that it is from Brazil and the ones doing the killing are Primeiro Comando da Capital(PCC) and the victim is a rival. If I get any more information I will be sure to update the post. It’s brutal as hell though. Especially when the pickaxe sticks in his head. Ouch. Brazilians give zero fucks.

Thanks to @MrsPink

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13 thoughts on “Man Brutally Murdered With Pickaxe

  1. Guy must have been pretty beat up well before the video starts, as he didn’t put up much of a defense. I’ve seen several videos though of people who seemingly just go along with their own murder. Not me. I would expel every ounce of energy to get away. Perhaps I would still end up dead, but probably more quickly via a bullet than by some asshole with a pickaxe.

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