Happy 2017 from the riGOREmortis Team!

Happy 2017 from the riGOREmortis Team!

Hey, Gorriors! Yeah, yeah. I know. I haven’t been around. My bad. Holidays have been busy so has been work. Damn, I ain’t even talked much to the other team members! I did send @yournextexgirl my nudes so I think she has some happy (or very sad) holidays. I told her to send it to Ice Cube. What about you, guys? How have your holidays been? I can’t believe George Michael died. That made me genuinely sad. I was crying to Cowboys and Angels the whole day after Christmas. Fucker didn’t even give me a chance to see him LIVE! Please, please, please, 2017 don’t take Angus Young or Bruce Dickinson or Elton John.

I’m interested in something, though. What are your resolutions this new year? Not the bullshit you don’t intend to keep. I’m talking about the real shit you really want to improve. Unlike social media bullshit people do just for likes. Not just for this year but maybe, well, for the rest of your lives. Me? I gotta at least ten pounds and be less into BBC. I lied about the BBC part. BBC is rove. BBC is rife.

This new year also means improvement for our beloved site riGOREmortis. We need a huge meeting to talk about the things we plan to change for this site – for the better, of course! We haven’t had a big one because we have different timezones and different schedules. It would involve some money from you guys’ courtesy and we would want every penny to its rightful place. First thing we have to address is the: Private Messaging. We already have the Back to Top button for our mobile users. (n addition, we intend to publish more discussion posts so we guys have something else to talk about here other than gore. I actually have a few lined up and if you guys can grant me some patience, I surely would appreciate it. We might consider guest posts from members but that might come after when things about the website comes into fruition. What else would you guys like to see other than what I said? The floor is all yours.

I have kept this short and sweet because its Monday and I have shitloads of emails to send.

From @obli, @yournextexgirl, @littlefoot, @gorycory, @deadohiosky and yours truly,

Happy New Year! 🙂

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34 thoughts on “Happy 2017 from the riGOREmortis Team!

  1. Happy 2017 😀 as for the improvements, I think what you said about the discussion posts is a awesome idea and would be a good idea, I was thinking about that for a while now. I don’t know, I just love hearing people’s opinions on different topics and shit lol

  2. Happy New Year everyone!

    It is very difficult for me to find fault with the efforts here at RGM and suggest changes or upgrades. Quite frankly, I believe that isn’t my place. Rather, I am grateful to all concerned for the creation, creativity and maintenance you all provide. I guess my only suggestion would be to create and maintain the RGM version of Caption the Photo, perhaps posting something weekly, but I did that a few days ago.

    That said, please excuse me however, with respect to the traditional things folks do these days. I’m very sorry, but I don’t do resolutions anymore and I have not for quite some time. I also cannot keep up with all the traditions from around the world. The last time I made one, it was “I want to grow the business.” It was the year 1342. Needless to add, I won’t make that mistake again! It was the ultimate “Be careful what you wish for!” At least I got upgraded office space and facilities due to all the volume there was! Just thinking about that shit makes me tired! As it is now, this is the very best I have to offer since quotas were vanquished from my duties and responsibilities in the last collective bargaining agreement. There is no going through the motions on this end. There never has been. Perhaps I have divulged too much. Anyway, enjoy! 😈

    Until we meet for the last time, I am your faithful and humble soul collector with slightly less than a healthy and positive outlook on the living,


    P.S. In the meantime, I do have sort of a dream I can share with you all. I hope to be the 1,000th ghost to take up residence at The Haunted Mansion at WDW in Orlando, FL. Unfortunately at the present time, there are certain qualification issues that must be addressed but my legal team is working on them as I type this. I believe I am the perfect choice! We are trying to establish whether or not I am classified as a “celebrity.” Those are not allowed at that particular facility and are limited and restricted to The Haunted Mansion at Disney Land in Anaheim, CA. Our argument is that I predate “celebrity” in the language, and I am already an immortal, but I work and cannot permanently remain within the facility. I’m afraid that’s all I can legally discuss at this time. Other than that, I’m going along pretty well except for the usual physical stuff. I’ll keep you posted if there are any new developments, but these things may take much more time than any of you have left by a rather large amount. #centuries 😉

    I mean, think about it! Who wants to wake up every day at The Haunted Mansion at Disney Land to Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly, and Donald O’Connor singing “Good Morning” from 1952? #thehorror 😛

    • In all honesty, I can’t say I have been working hard on the website because I have been busy with a few things here and there and there are many things that are taking my attention away from RGM but I do appreciate the gratitude. One of the few things I intend to do more on is RGM. I really am looking forward to what I can do to the site’s betterment and expansion.

      That sounds like a pleasant idea although we can’t exactly do it the way it was done on the uhmmm…other site. But perhaps we can make a sort or variation or another entirely new concept where people can participate in something of that similar fashion. @harumph

  3. Improvements on this site?
    Maybe having numbered pages per 10 posts at the bottom.
    1-2-3-5-10 and when you click on page 10, you’ll see pages 11-12-13-15-20, and so on, that way we can get to the older posts in a hurry. There should be about 22-25 pages worth of gore now.

    • @re-pete its a good idea
      or everything under the “gore” tab listed somewhere without pics – thereby being able to list/choose from/see all of the older post titles in a smaller area

      Obviously i havent thought this through in logistic detail, but you get the idea?

        • yeah the titles – clickable to send you to the story/post. similar to as they appear if you click the “GORE” tab under the “Rigoremortis” title, but without the picture and description.
          maybe just the “clickable” title/link, with just date and author
          DICK BIRTH
          Posted on January 2, 2017 by Little Foot
          Posted on January 2, 2017 by Kay
          Posted on January 2, 2017 by YourNextExGirl

          im just kinda “going” with @re-pete ‘s idea of being able to list/access all and older posts much more easily, by having them listed in a smaller area – thereby not having to 1. scroll as much (for phone users) 2. not have to click through pages of lists on by one.
          Of course, i understand that people WILL still want to see a list of posts with pic and description – im just thinking that a more “brief” type of list as i described could be placed somewhere..maybe under a new tab?

    • Well we are considering it once we clear up the things we need to do on the site although we can’t grant anyone else access to the backend of the website because of security reasons. We have had a huge backlash then and that was pretty hard to manage so I think it won’t be wise to leave a security hole. We might be working on letting members write an article and one of us will post it on their behalf. This isn’t set on stone and this will most likely change eventually but in the meantime, this wouldn’t happen. Once it does, I or another fellow moderator will write about it. It definitely is in the list of things we have to do, however.

      Thanks for the enthusiasm, though, @gunkgirl. We surely do appreciate it.

  4. Wong see Dickinson live once and it suck ass because Bruce high and drunk as fuck. Wong remember think that he do better job for sing Where Eagles Dare in shower every morning when he still half asleep. New Year Resolution? Same as last 15 years, no more Bruce Dickinson.

  5. Happy 2017 everyone! I am late! Mr. Wong I saw Guns and Roses once Axl Rose so drunk he couldn’t stand or hardly sing. Slash couldn’t play worth a shit. No more Guns and Roses for me.
    No resolutions for me I prefer to stay fat and happy, hopefully die of a heart attack near future like Carrie Fisher.

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