Autopsy Performed While Students Watch

Autopsy Performed While Students Watch

Merry New Year Gorriors! Lets ring it in with one of my favorites subjects – Autopsies! Here we have over six minutes of autopsy footage performed while students watch. How can I tell they are students? Well, if the giggling and banter don’t tip you off, I don’t know what to tell you. There is some coughing along the way as the smells released from a dead body are something that can’t even be described, they must be experienced first hand so I won’t give them too much shit for gagging. It would have been awesome to hear one of them blow chunks, though. Best part of the video is watching them saw through the rib cage of this cadaver.

Thanks to @mrspink!

16 thoughts on “Autopsy Performed While Students Watch

    • @icthulhu And that smell was very likely formaldehyde, a preservative. A fresh, already starting to rot the moment you die, copse must be soooo much worse.
      Reminds me of when I took my honors biology class to the college to observe a cadaver dissection. Again, it was a persevered specimen, but the smell and sight was overwhelming for two of my students. They hit the floor 🙁 Thankfully, no injuries.

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