Young Guy Uploads Video of His Suicide Attempt to Prochan

Young Guy Uploads Video of His Suicide Attempt to Prochan

A video was posted on Prochan a little while ago of a young guy named Justin apparently committing suicide. I’m not sure if the video is real or if the kid died or not, but the shakiness in his voice seems pretty real to me. I don’t really have any other info on this yet but if I get any more I will update the post. If it turns out to be real and he’s dead and he made his parents clean all that shit up.. the little asshole needs to be grounded.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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42 thoughts on “Young Guy Uploads Video of His Suicide Attempt to Prochan

  1. Looks legit to me and he was right about it being totally irresponsible of him to do that. In a way I kinda hope he survives and the parents don’t clean up his mess save it for him so he has something to do when he is discharged from the hospital and his punishment is to come up with a cleaner way to off himself and now he’ll have a reason to do it. Avoiding his hospital bills from the first attempt and sparing his parents further expenditures for the medical bills on top of funeral and other expenses.

  2. Too bad the kid wasn’t more into giving his audience a better rundown of what he was physically feeling. Such as was he getting warmer or colder. Eyesight changes, ringing in his ears, did his heart rate elevate and by how much, he said something g about it more difficult to breathe. That would have been cool of him. That and sitting still in a tub or shower not making a mess ifor his parents to clean up.

    • Yeah that woulda been cool, but from what ive heard, adrenaline from cutting makes heart rate go up, which explains camera shaking. Mind races faster and faster while breathing increases in difficulty(due to loss of pressure in veins so breathing rapidly ensues to make up for loss of pressure) after a while of heavy breathing and mind racing, everything just kind of hazes out either into empty soulless darkness or peaceful spiritual light… yeah, been there done that.

  3. Im not sure why i felt a conection to this video but i did. A very real not emotional but human conection. Maybe its because Justins voice sounds EXACTLY like somebody i know. Not to mention it would be somebody who would kill themself in this EXACT fashion. So close that i honestly feel like i just wached a friend die. Eerie. I need to give somebody a call. Just need to figure out what prison they are hilding him in. 🙁

  4. If he fucking did that in his parents house to have them clean up their own dead child’s blood because the dumb fuck is that goddamn fucking selfish then fuck him..

    I lost all empathy for a piece of shit that can do that to his family..Especially the mother

  5. Howdy partners – well 2017 is already 4hrs old here in the future (Australia). I love saying that ! Most of you are still stuck in 2016 for another 18 hrs or so……suckers ! I’m going to wish you all a HNY for when you can be fucked to catch up. I reckon 2016 was a retarded period of time for lots of people as well as me, so i have set my hopes high for 2017 being even slightly better……

  6. What a stupid moron. Would be nice if his last name was Bieber, but it’s another moron. His voice is trembling with fear. Cutting wrists is one stupid thing to do, but posting it on the internet is just sick. No info on google whether he died or not yet.

  7. What’s upsetting is it seemed like it was a nice house, etc. He talked like he, at least use to, have some sense about him. I was thinking about the blood and clean up from the moment the video started. I was hoping he was just so out of touch that he didn’t think/realize the pain it would cause. But when he acknowledged what he had done and the impact it would have on his parents, that changed the way i felt about him and this video. For this little asshat to know and think about the mess and trauma he was going to cause his family when they walked in and saw that, tells me what a spoilt little dick head he was. Suicide can be messy and extremely upsetting for the family, not only due to the loss, but the clean up. Unfortunately when the morge leaves with the body after the medical examiner is done and the police have vacated you are left with the scene. Blood, brain matter, fluids,etc. To clean up. All I keep thinking is his mom or brother on their knees cleaning up dried thick blood covering the bathroom and bedroom and the emotions they would be going through. completely fucked Jo for him to choose to do this. There was a time in my life that I was hospitalized for attempting suicide. One of the MOST important things I thought about is how to do it in a way that my family wouldn’t have to deal with walking in on me or cleaning up my fucking mess! This kid is a complete asshole for doing this to his family. There are so many other, cleaner ways to go. He did this on purpose and savoured the attention it would bring. The video is proof of that. I bet the whole time he was thinking someone was going to come home and save his ass. This was def real and I have a feeling he ended up falling down then loosing conscious very quickly after this video stopped.

  8. “I thought I’d go out in a fucking special way ha ha ha !”
    – Um, no you dumb wanker you got it all wrong. Cutting your arm and going out from blood loss like a whining bitch is not special. Females are usually the ones that commit suicide with this very old and tried and true method. How in the hell do you gather this is a special way to go out? Going out in a special way would be suicide by USA cop or tying a rope around your neck and around a tree and then getting in a convertible and flooring it………

  9. I hardly think the parents are going to be thinking about the blood all over when they’re at their kids funeral. This is obviously a teenager whose brain isn’t completely formed and doesn’t really comprehend what he’s doing. Some stupid girlfriend crap probably happened and felt so huge to him that this felt proportionate. It’s sad. It really bothers me that a group of seemingly intelligent adults are actually belittling a child for one stupid mistake. A mistake that probably cost him his life. I hope that he did call for help, he clearly needs it.

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