Suicide Protesters on Subway in Beijing Drink Pesticide

Suicide Protesters on Subway in Beijing Drink Pesticide

The video shows several men and women on the Tiananmen Xi subway in Beijing, China attempting to commit a group suicide by drinking pesticide. The group was protesting the government denying their request for help over telegraph fraud. The man and woman who are seen falling on the ground died from the poison. Three others had serious injuries, one is in critical condition at a Beijing hospital. Group suicide protests by ingesting pesticides have been occurring more and more frequently as of late in China. What a shitty but creative way to go.

Thanks to Pinky for the video!

26 thoughts on “Suicide Protesters on Subway in Beijing Drink Pesticide

    • 11.5 MILLION people in Beijing. I don’t think their government gives a single fuck about TWO of them killing themselves. Two less people to feed. Two less people to house. And two less people to complain. Their government probably wishes more of them would do it….but what do I know. I’m just grumpy today ?

      • @gorycory but without those zombified minds who are the worlds 1% going to reley on to produce our goods and their incomes? Whos the chinease goverment going to sell as slaves? Companys like foxcon and apple would cripple under pressure. Nike? I honestly feel for the population of china. They have been nothing but a comodety to the 1% of the world for thousands of years. Not only were they most likely the first to reach the Americas, they simoltaniously built and destroyed entire empires. All thanks to the help of the mindless poor they spent thousands of years brainwashing. What kind of population over throws monarchy for a comunism? Few hands in one pool are enough to send ripples to every shore.

  1. As a owner of a pest company, I can tell you these are slow deaths. Pesticides need to be consumed in certain ratios depending on the persons weight. Thats why some may have lived and some may have died. Pesticides are rated with what they call LD50. simple terms, the Lethal Dose cant kill more than 50% of the target pest in a 24hr period. This is in the USA, not sure about China. The higher the LD50, the least toxic it is, it is the lower LD50 thats going to do a lot more damage.

  2. That poor dude looks hesitant as fuck! But that chick”s like, “Uh uh bitch, I already drank some and you said you’d do it too, now it’s YOUR turn so, drink up motherfucker! Cheers!” ??????

  3. “Telegraph Fraud”? That just sounds so ridiculous. I guess I’m stupid cuz I didn’t even know telegraphs were still used in this day and age. With something as fishy as that sounds, I’m just gonna walk my happy ass to the ACTUAL bank and ask if it’s real. Fuck that “please call us at this number” bullshit. I don’t know who I’m actually talking to.

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