Doctor Performs Partial-Birth Abortion

Doctor Performs Partial-Birth Abortion

I’m not sure where this is from since this happens pretty much everywhere including the US, but these are pictures of a doctor performing a partial-birth abortion. A partial-birth abortion is where a late-term fetus is aborted and removed from the mother. In most late-term/partial-birth abortions, the baby is delivered feet first leaving just the head inside of the mother. The doctor then uses scissors to separate the baby’s head from its body. The doctor will usually take forceps and crush the child’s head, removing it piece by piece from the woman. Although in this instance it doesn’t look like the baby’s head is crushed.

I hate seeing this kind of shit but it’s reality. I don’t agree with abortion in the least bit unless the mother’s life is at stake or the child was a product of rape. If you are using abortion as a form of birth control.. just keep your damn legs shut or I don’t know.. use actual birth control or a condom maybe?

Thanks to @MrsPink for the pics.

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15 thoughts on “Doctor Performs Partial-Birth Abortion

  1. The fucked up part is that if she had been killed by a drunk driver on her way to this procedure, the DA would have brought two homicide charges up. One for the mother, and one for the unborn child. Regardless of which side of the abortion aisle you’re on, they need to fix that. It’s either killing a child or its not. Can’t have it both ways.

  2. I also have no real issue with abortion but this doesn’t really line up with my perception of what bortion is. Being so close to taking that first gulp of air makes me consider this sort of operation to be more in line with cold blooded murder regardless of why the mother wants it done.

    How the hell could they leave it so late ? Ffs, what else has she been doing that was so important that she didn’t have time to get her baby aborted earlier coz this is just very fucked up……….

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