Man Loses Leg in Accident and Lays in Gore

Man Loses Leg in Accident and Lays in Gore

Not sure where this particular video is from but it’s filmed in glorious potato vision. Captures the aftermath of a nasty accident in which a person was reduced to mangled meat from the waist down and a who man had his leg ripped off. He’s shown lying on the ground surrounded by gore and blood and the body of the woman who was shredded and smeared all over the road. Fucking brutal.

Thanks Pinky!

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22 thoughts on “Man Loses Leg in Accident and Lays in Gore

    • @re-pete I try and put myself in others shoes, get an idea of what they might be going through by placing myself in the situation…..I got this overwhelming panicked feeling. Just too much. However back to being me that was an awful lot of yellow smeared up and down the road. She was a big girl. Do you remember the movie with Eddie Murphy and he’s pretending to be homeless with no legs scooting around on his rolling cart singing I have no legs ting ting…Funny stuff

      Btw wtf happened to everyone?!?!?! I leave for a few…Three…Four weeks and there is nobody here???

      • @trainwreck That’s exactly what I do, put myself in their shoes in that moment. It should make us appreciate our loved ones even more.
        I’m sure this guy didn’t think this would be their last day together when he woke up that morning.

        I believe that Eddie Murphy movie was Trading Places.
        I only remember a Jamie Lee Curtis scene in that movie for some reason. 😉

        It’s the holidays most likely or they’re just re-setting themselves. Or its their turn to take a few weeks off.
        Its just life sweet heart, sometimes we get all caught up in it.

        • Remaining conscious after a horrific accident. Writhing around in shock and pain clutching my bloody stump. Watching my lifes blood leak out onto the filth of that terrible land. My significant other laying there dead, torn in half, their guts spread up and down the highway. Fucktards in man dresses standing around jabbering and videoing my demise holding their iPhones the wrong way. My vision slowly blurring to a bright white light then fading to black. Yes, I guess I can empathize with this guy.

          • @borntorun yup, pretty much my thoughts. I was so pissed at the pathetic fucks standing around. I imagine he was asking for help of some sort. Of course, he is from there, part of that culture, perhaps he himself stood around rather than helping. Who knows. So sad, when he touched the face of the woman with the booby-feet.

  1. People used to capture much better video in the past. I recall seeing excellent gore footage where the camera was thrust up almost touching the carnage, so we could get real closeup shots of the mangled bodies and meat.

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