Man Left Beaten and Badly Burnt but Still Breathing

Man Left Beaten and Badly Burnt but Still Breathing

Video here shows a good old fashioned African lynching. Man might have done nothing more than steal but whatever the case, he was brutally beaten and then tossed onto a fire. Video picks up after the burning, showing him lying there on the ground, burnt to a crisp but he is still shown to be alive as he’s breathing. Although alive might be a little generous wording on my part. This could just be agonal breathing or even simply death shudders of some kind. Either way, he’s done for.

Thanks, @mrspink!

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15 thoughts on “Man Left Beaten and Badly Burnt but Still Breathing

    • I’d have to agree. Two for me is one being burned alive, drowning or forced drowning. Nope, nope and fucking nope. I can’t help but feel a certain amount of pain when watching someone burning. I can’t breathe myself when watching anything on TV that has someone under water, drowning etc. It’s a real phobia on that one.


  1. I kept expecting to see someone to step forward with a barbecue fork and carving knife, and the good citizens to line up with plates in their hands. Looks like dinner’s ready and all set for carving off slices. Who gets the penis and balls for a trophy?

  2. Primal monkey herd behavior, showing once more that humans are the most stupid, primitive and cruelest of all animals.Whatever the victim has done, hopefully his senses have shut off already so he won’t feel what the herd has done to him.

  3. Talk about flip flops or bust. Not a single pair of sneakers. Also i like the ironic fact that the lynchings, despite not curbing crime, deffintly bring the community all together and on the same page. In fact maybe i shouldnt be suprised that something so horrific beings a community together, i can think of many place sharing that literal effect. Funny how the suffering of our species brings us closer literaly, metaphoricly, and spiritualy.

  4. Citizen one: “So, how have you been?”

    Citizen two: “Oh same ole, same ole. You?”

    Citizen one: “I’ll be better when I get my inhaler back. He’s almost done and I will be able to breathe easier again after absorbing his spirit.”

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