Woman Relieves Herself in Grocery Store

Woman Relieves Herself in Grocery Store

Good morning my Gorriors! I hope everyone had a safe and fun Christmas. Let’s start the day off with a laugh. Woman is shown shopping in what looks like a grocery store when she suddenly stops and does a quick scan of the area as if she were about to attempt to steal something but no, she has other plans. With another person shopping just feet away, the woman casually pulls her dress down and sits down and relieves herself. Maybe she couldn’t make it to the rest room or maybe she was giving the store her own special kind of review.

Many thanks to @mrspink

ON A SIDE NOTE: Pringles look like Maxi Pads.

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25 thoughts on “Woman Relieves Herself in Grocery Store

  1. I wonder who had to clean that up? Once I was at an IHOP and an older guy tried to rush to the bathroom and shitted right infront of our table… OMG I lost my appetite and our food was free but this woman is something different they would have to fire me cause I’m not cleaning no human shit

  2. No no no…..you got it all wrong !! This chick is obviously an Aussie, or this was recorded in an aussie shop. This practice is trés normal and 100% completely acceptable (even encouraged by the Ministry of Our Healths) here in oz, coz its just too hot and that can cause nasty schmoo sickness, which is no good for anyone really. Sometimes I can walk into the corner shop and see upwards of 10 women cooling off their schmoos by sitting in the fridge. They pass the time reading mags and texting on their phones. If you too have a hot schmoo, give it a go before you knock it. If your schmoo is super hot, I would recommend the addition of a bag of frozen peas……..

  3. The typical, my needs over everyones woman,thats why the other pig didnt flip out,just walked away briskly, thinking to her self,”my turds dont smell half as bad as hers!”also probably accuses the manager of sexual assault for filming her too.

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