Woman Brutally Murdered by Drug Dealer Boyfriend

Woman Brutally Murdered by Drug Dealer Boyfriend

A woman allegedly cheated or her drug dealing, gang member boyfriend and that turned out to be the biggest (and last) mistake of her life. She was abducted, tied up and subject to torture, having her legs slashed. When the video starts, she is being held by a man while someone else stabs her repeatedly in the stomach. She is then tossed onto her belly and has the back of her neck hacked at with machetes. She is then turned over and one of the men (I’m assuming the boyfriend given the gusto with which he is wailing on her) slashes and hacks and saws at her throat while another men punctures her stomach.

Not a video for the squeamish. If you are offended by such atrocities, I suggest you give this one a pass. It is not pretty. Many thanks to @mrspink.

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24 thoughts on “Woman Brutally Murdered by Drug Dealer Boyfriend

  1. Bloody shame….your supposed to stab girlfriend with your COCK..in pussy,throat,and ass…NOT with dull machete. Having your best buds join in is optional…tho I’m not insecure,I don’t tend to,or believe in sharing my pussy…but hey some guys don’t care, and some girls don’t mind,hell they shouldn’t! It’s 2016… girls should be able to enjoy mutiple cocks without being labeled a whore…or til someone with a bigger dick comes along (girlfriend’s face) then guys like these get mad/jealous and behave this way. But hey… enough of my yapping.

  2. Bunch of pussys, he was probably not hitting it right,or beating her and treating like a worthless pos..and she found someone new and better…I’ve been married 15 years and I wouldn’t do this even if I walked in and saw my wife blowing ten guys..the fuck is wrong with people in this country..

  3. This is a old video, I heard she was involved with the cartel and they were looking for her boyfriend. She gave up his location, but they brutally murdered her anyway. Either way, it’s a horrible way to go. Someone pointed out before that the man on the ground holding her neck made her pass out by squeezing?. That’s why she didn’t move a ton while having her stomach stabbed repeatedly with machetes. It’s hard to tell. Regardless these people are savages and the whole lot needs to be exterminated.

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