POV Video of Car Being Passed Over by Tornado

POV Video of Car Being Passed Over by Tornado

Here’s something interesting and fucking scary if you find yourself in this position. Amateur video filmed from a car during a storm in what looks to be South East Asia captures the moment when a tornado touches down and passes right over the car. Video shows other cars being pushed into the path of the camera like they were just toys. Mother Nature never ceases to amaze and terrify.

We’ve got members here from South East Asia and the Southern and Middle United States where tornadoes are a real and pretty much year round threat that many have witnessed first hand. So now I’d like to give the floor to anyone here who would like to share any stories they have regarding their own experiences with this phenomenon.

Props to @mrspink

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31 thoughts on “POV Video of Car Being Passed Over by Tornado

  1. Had a water spout (water/tornado but not huricane) land two miles from the house about two weeks ago. Seen one way off in the desert one time, have had dust devils blow through my yard a couple times. Seen funnels fall from clouds but not touchdown, a couple nasty coastal storms, and 1 earthquake when i was young that measured 5.9-6.1 nothing major but enough to cut phones off and cause some property damge heer n there.

  2. Here in northern Australia, we have tropical cyclones problems for about 6 mths of the year in the wet season. They can be very nasty and one (Cyclone Tracey) completely destroyed the city of Darwin in 1975 – like not a single building was inhabitable afterward and the entire city looked like Hiroshima after the H bomb (google if you have the inclination). Haven’t had one that bad since (i wasnt even born yet) but they are never the less pretty scary shit……..

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