Man Decapitated by Inmates During Prison Riot

Blood and Bare Feet

A prisoner identified as Alexander Ferreira Silva, aka “Durox” found himself the sole victim of a riot in the Center for Agricultural Recovery, Silvio Hall of Moura of Tuesday, December 13th, 2016. According to authorities, inmates attempted to take an agent at the prison hostage and when they failed, they fell back on the tried and true ape-shit-kill-everyone riot that they have become universally (yes, universally) known for.It would seem, however, that only Durox was successfully killed and decapitated before the riot could be contained.

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ON A SIDE NOTE: Durox sounds like the name of an alien from Star Trek or some shit.

13 thoughts on “Man Decapitated by Inmates During Prison Riot

  1. First, Durox looks like a dickhead. 2nd, I know this is Brazil, however I do find it interesting that they freely walk around with actual knives (not shanks) and cell phones. It is clearly a free for all in these prisons and no guards around to enforce shit.

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