Dead Body Getting Cut Up with Chainsaw

Dead Body Getting Cut Up with Chainsaw

Hello, Gorriors! Today I have another chainsaw video although I have no information on it. In this particular case the man has already been killed off camera and this shows the aftermath of the disposal. The body is shown being cut up by someone with a chainsaw, sure beats hacking at their limbs relentlessly. I suppose they will then be placed into plastic bags and dumped somewhere. Don’t know if this is Brazil or Mexico, either. But enjoy and give thanks to @mrspink!

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    • Brazil is very dangerous in some particular places, indeed. But please, visit before judging. I really dont wanna be a nationalist bitch here, but this place is a paradise, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, São Paulo, Maranhão, Búzios, etc… The most beautiful places i have ever seen in my entire life. Theres poverty and crime, like any other country, but turism here is fuckin awesome. And the food… Delicious, you cant find anywhere in the world like here. Im very glad i was born in this piece of heaven.

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