Fat Man in Undies Eats a Ton of Lead

Fat Man in Undies Eats a Ton of Lead

@mrspink sent in this fresh murder from Brazil. I don’t have any details as of yet but maybe more info will come in a little later. All we know for certain right now is the obvious: A fat man in some tight undies is laying on the floor bloodied after an assault by a gang of men. Some words are exchanged and then the armed men unleash a torrent of bullets into the man’s head and body. Like their Muslim counterparts, Brazilians just love to waste ammo. It must be dirt cheap there in Brazil because in the states, ammo is fucking expensive. You make every bullet count. Well, at least fatty got fed. It was lead and now he’s dead, but fatty got fed…

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24 thoughts on “Fat Man in Undies Eats a Ton of Lead

  1. I guess for a belly size as big as his those many bullets really did commensurate .
    BTW What was he up to when the killers moved in ??? ma guess like anybody else is :
    1. was he trying to rehearse face planting his weightyself
    2. was he trying to hump the floor
    3. or was he simply imagining that he was doing a missionary

    Ahoy ! ……….for the last quizzical part I’m gonna download some sizzlers from the https://extratorrent.cc/

    see ya in a while gooks , guys and dolls

  2. The Rigoremortician’s Autopsy Report
    Name: Juan Jerome Gonzalez di Silva.
    Age: 25-30 Height: 5′ 8″- 6′ 3″
    Race: African Hispanic
    Cause of Death: Extreme case of lead poisoning. Shot 24-25 times while lying on the floor at close range with multiple handguns by drug addicted homie gang bangers.
    Conclusion: Drug related murder, not paying his debts and fucking around with the wrong people. No one to blame, but himself.

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