Man Falls 29 Floors and Explodes on Impact

Falls 29 Floors and Explodes

An as of yet unidentified man fell to his death from the 29th floor of the Sathorn Gardens Condominium, located on Sathon Road in Bangkok, Thailand. The impact caused the man to explode on impact, his head being destroyed and his side getting ripped open and spilling his guts all over the side walk. We also get the typical combination of complacency and humor from the Thai Rescue crew/paramedics who arrive on The Scene!

Given the reputation of Thailand it is always foggy as to whether or not this was a suicide or a murder made to look like a suicide and given the victim’s state of undress, I admit it is highly suspect.

Thanks, @mrspink!

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23 thoughts on “Man Falls 29 Floors and Explodes on Impact

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  2. Looks like his leg is pregnant. Even though this site is trying to provide its own original gore that you can’t find on the other sites I don’t think riGOREmortis should shy away even from videos heavily posted on other sites such as the nemesis( I will not type the name.) it’s the description by the moderators that make it original. I am a huge @obli fan and love his representation of the facts.

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