Shia Militia Execute Bloodied Hostages

Shia Militia Execute Bloodied Hostages

We haven’t seen anything from the Middle East for a little while so here is a video showing Shia militia men executing unarmed and clearly injured men they are holding hostage. Both men are executed after an extended interview. Muslims love to draw their murders out as much as possible, as if anyone gives a fuck what either group has to say, we both know the end result so let’s just cut to the chase.

Thanks, @mrspink!

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13 thoughts on “Shia Militia Execute Bloodied Hostages

  1. Bismillah
    Here they go again
    The point is how under the same sun these turds have so much time at their disposal to be never shy of interviewing the ones they like to execute
    I thought the oldie would be spared his life as he was gesturing artistically like a well seated traffic cop showing them different directions they must move their arse to .
    allahu akbar

  2. I’m so fucking done with the human race (in general). It’s inevitable that a super virus is going to wipe us out. It’s coming, but none too soon. I mean, I feel bad for people having to watch their loved ones suffer and die in front of them. I would not like to see it of mine, but damn, we are a fucked up parasite.
    Imagine the life these poor bastards in these countries have. Their whole lives spent fearing which group of twats is going to come into power. Which one is going to try to kill them. It has to be horrible.

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