Russian Man Does Death Spin After Being Side Swiped by Car

Russian Man Does Death Spin After Being Side Swiped by Car

CCTV in Russia captured a Mercedes Benz spinning out of control and side swiping a man on the sidewalk. The pedestrian is sent spinning and sliding down the block, hitting a pole and coming to a stop. The Benz driver didn’t stop and continued on its way. Police have circulated the video in an attempt to try to identify the car and it’s owner but given the speed of the video I sincerely doubt anything useful can be gleaned from it. Incident occurred on the night of December 13th and the man was confirmed dead at the scene.

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29 thoughts on “Russian Man Does Death Spin After Being Side Swiped by Car

  1. “IF” he was 6 seconds earlier or 4 seconds quicker, the car would have just missed him.
    The Lady in the white sweater saw the car coming the whole way, even when the poor guy was still in front of her, and she even stepped out of the way very casually. No no, it’s not her fault at all, but how about a “LOOK OUT!”

      • @nocuntryforoldpervertedman @re-pete If I have to go out any time soon, which I hope I do not, that is a way to go. It looked quick, painless, and he didn’t know what hit him. As for the car waiting for the police, what good would it do? It looks like they came back. A passenger got out and called it in (or so it seemed) Maybe in Russia it would be best not to stick around?

        I don’t know.

        On a different topic: Has anyone else felt particularly down lately? I do not think it is the holidays, since I usually enjoy them with my children. Today I figured it, it is likely the result of the high stress of this election and the bs being pulled post-election. I feel a genera negativity pervasive around me. It has seeped into my soul. Any of you going through this?

  2. So another Ruskie in a flash got wiped off the road .let’s just say for reasons unknown …….even unbeknownst to the driver of the Mercedes Benz whose mind was simply Tiffany-twisted who drove heavy headed with his sights all dimmed.

    For every Ruskie out there on the road its time everyone must pray that it shouldn’t be a moment too soon for them too.
    In any case that was one of the best watchable gravity defying spin .so far ……….
    on another note though an anti gravity suit a little of body Armour would have helped . The guy nearly was sent spinning outta of the stratosphere to be another celestial body .
    RIP while the others simply walk by

  3. Sometimes, Death brings a hammer. Other times, as in terms of the two who avoided the spinning vehicle, Death merely crop dusts you (Look it up.). Perhaps they will remember this each and every time they feel a breeze on their faces. Eh, who am I kidding? They are Russian and are undoubtedly on their way to buy more vodka. Even an out of control Mercedes is no match for such a determined quest.

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