Brazilian Man Obliterated in Traffic Accident

Brazilian Man Obliterated in Traffic Accident

Short video here shows the end result of a man in Brazil after having found himself on the wrong end of vehicle. He’s left squashed, crushed, smashed, run over and flattened. A most brutal mess for bystanders to bear witness to. I don’t know exactly what hit him, but fuck it, we got a nice offering of blood here.

Props to @mrspink!

14 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Obliterated in Traffic Accident

  1. He got ironed out pretty neat
    now all that’s left of the bystanders to do is to hang him up to a clothing line for a day or two and he will be crisp and bone dry like never before .

    Nothing stands in the way of the evil when its Brazil
    somewhere down that road the flattening truck will have nothing to flatter about as another one its own size will go caressing each other in an head on collision and shortly be here on the site .

    Ain’t nobody told him that to contend with this much ketch up is always bad ….
    he should have known that a little goes a long way

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