Buddy Boy, I Got Your Christmas Right Here (Points to crotch)

Buddy Boy, I Got Your Christmas Right Here

All these happy wishes and lots of Christmas cheer is all I really want this year!

I got that line and the title from Family Guy. Been binge watching the hell out of it. I’m proud to say I have seen every episode now.

Ok, I am more than capable of understanding that a Christmas post is a bit too early but fuck da haters. Thug life.

Also, you might see less of me with gore but more on discussion posts. I have already have a line up that I might publish bi-weekly so stay tuned for that, Gorriors. Who coined that term, by the way? I already forgot. Refresh my memory.

So, I got a question last night: do atheists celebrate Christmas? Fuck yes we do! *High five, @obli* Even people whose religions don’t celebrate Christmas still kinda do celebrate the festivities. What’s so bad about it? You get together with friends and family, eat till you’re sick, drink you’re sick and exchange gifts and pleasantries and, for those with highly potent sex drives, fuck till you’re sick…hopefully not of gonorrhea lest you get featured here. Plus the weather is so lovely. I’d trade Christmas weather for summer any day.

If you’re a business owner, you might want to rack the shelves up with goodies because people spend money on things they don’t need most especially on Christmas. People gonna be looking for deals. If you’re a normie like me who spends money working for someone, discounts and freebies seem to be overflowing during the days where 12/25 is approaching because of clearance sales. For a single month, or even a week, you’ll see your hard-earned money pissed away. But, holy shit! That thing you’ve had your eye on for the rest of the year is 50% OFF! Great goddamn deals. I like to take advantage of those myself and live in poverty for the rest of the month.

I understand not everyone is fond of the holidays. Other people might have bad experiences about it like the loss of a loved one, people who can’t be with them for the holidays because of work or financial reasons, or reconnecting with an estranged parent who threw you out of the house because you told them you were gay or those starving children in impoverished countries. I surely would think they wouldn’t necessarily have a happy Christmas.

Yeah, the holidays have its ups and downs and both its good and bad. Surely, we all have had our fair share of losses whether it be a loved one, family or friend. I celebrate both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day with the family which is very enjoyable since we get to have the laughs and the discussion and reconnection and exchanging nice gifts and then move on and forget about each other for the rest of the year. For the few days in between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I commemorate my father’s death. He was cremated on New Year’s Eve. I think that was the saddest day of my childhood. So that kinda happened every holiday for about 10 years now and people say you’ll get over it but I don’t think anybody does, do they?

I’m gonna open this post for a discussion. How are you gonna spend your holidays? What is so good and so bad about it? Are you gonna make up shitty New Year’s resolution that you’ll only do for a week and forget about for the rest of the year? I’d really love to know what you are gonna and plan to do. Oh! Have you set up decorations yet?

Here’s the song from Family Guy:

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56 thoughts on “Buddy Boy, I Got Your Christmas Right Here (Points to crotch)

  1. I try to be merry all year. We buy things as required, not because of sales, holidays or seasons. We’ll have a roast beef, with potatoes, carrots, onions and gravy, and do a couple of things with the leftovers. And we’ll stay warm at home trying to keep the static electricity to a minimum. “Same as it ever was.” – Talking Heads

    Oh, I just got new wool socks! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

      • Kay ! “Id trade Christmas for summer any day !” she says…..My God, come to my place Kay, its 38ยฑcelsius every day and all the Christmas trees have melted. Alot of us spend Christmas Day at the beach playing happy families before passing out from heatstroke from drinking too much beer in the sun…….

      • This is a good website with great writers and a decent comment section. Needless to say though, the problem is the lack of content. BG posts about 4-7 “realities” a day. I see at the most 2 a day here. Quality over quantaty sure, but they post some good stuff too. I don’t get caught up in drama and could care less what people think of each other. Just keep people like me and possibly even “us”?? ? In a group of people who are comfortable in seeing what makes us feel however gore makes us feel ? . This website is an underdog and all the true morbid fucks always cheer for the underdog?. It’s who I am! Goddamit it’s who WE ARE!!

        • @sexandsuicide It is pretty undeniable that Best Gore has established itself well over the course of its existence. Far as I know they have been around for eight years and as for us we only have been around for 5 months. There’s also a lot of things to consider in comparison between a larger website such as Best Gore versus ours here at rigoremortis.

          First of all, more viewers, more contributions. We may have around 200+ members and a few hundred more viewers but very few contributors. To date, no one else is as prolific as @mrspink in content submission and she can only send so much in one week and I admit not all of them gets published because some of them have been heavily posted on other websites which is something we try to avoid because we want our content to be unique. (Plus, though she may send many, not all of us can do it.) If not unique, at least something you can’t necessarily find on most of half of the gore websites out there. Second of all is no one can dedicate most of their time on the website which is another of Best Gore’s advantage since they seem to have no life other than Best Gore so they have the capacity to dedicate most of the hours of their day tending to their website compared to us here at rigoremortis who spend most of our days working and tending to our homes, families and partners or wives or husbands and that can really take a lot of time during the day and night and leave very little for other activities. Third is yes, we do focus on the quality of our posts. It’s extremely easy to just post a link, punch up a few words and call it a post but we don’t like doing that. We do enjoy writing so we put some thought on the write up. If the creative juices don’t flow as well as the blood streaming out of a dead motorcyclist’s head then it wouldn’t be as good as it looks now.

          if we find time, we really will deliver as much stuff as we can. We also are considering a few things as upgrades for the websites and opening up the avenue for guest posts. We may have to consider that for next year.

          • @staciejaxx Guest posts are a cool idea, if you decide to go through with that I hope it does not become a New Years resolution that get ditched by January 8th. As far as the quantity of content posted here I completely understand the fact that you have lives. I stay busy myself with work and drinking and though I wish I could I can’t be on site all the time. Every mod/writer/creator of this site is an exceptional human, in my opinion, and I value the insight and (for lack of a better word) compassion put into the posts that end up here. Keep on rockin’ in the free world Kay P, @yournextexgirl,@obli, @littlefoot, @gorycory, @deadohiosky, @everykickassmemberofthissite and I love you with my heart and soul @mrspink. Merry Christmas, or what have you, all and to all a gory night!

  2. Can someone clear something up for me? As a long time member of Bestgore I’m very curious as why everyone left? Obli was the shit and MrsPink and all the other ones who started on Bestgore through all that time Mark was in the slammer then he’s finally out and everyone’s gone? Was it Mark or Akneska? Just wondering what went wrong.

  3. Lol the Part in the Family Guy Christmas episode where brian drops the bag of chips all over the floor and stewie hits the guy’s house he broke into with brian in the head and shoves his bloody body into the closet xD Ahh good times, Loved that episode.

    • Me no understand this ? What or who is a liberal and who could be fucked accommodating and adjusting your greetings for each and every person. That just seems totally absolutely over the god damn top and it would piss me right off if anyone expected that kind of attention from me. ‘Go to hell ‘ would soon become my standard line if such bullshittory infected my day……

  4. Thanks for the post lil lady Kay. Now just to be clear as mud , can you confirm – Kay P, Kay, Stacie Jaxx etc is all the ONE person ?

    Also, is it possible to get a “Back to top” button under the Post a Comment Box, at the bottom of each post / page ? As I only have my phone now to use now it takes forever to scroll back to the top.

    And lastly, when on this site, my screen averages 3 letters per line (not 3 words, 3 letters) in the comments section of each post. The title and intro are fine, its just comments. It makes things labour intensive to read and to scroll back to the top. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem ? Ta. Dutchy

      • Fank you ! I’ve actually tried the side rotation trick and that seems to do the trick. I’m not the brightest of sparks to start with and even less so with technological issues, which is why I thought I’d throw it out there ! Ha, turning phone on its side – so simple but I would never have thought of that myself ! Ah…der !!

    • It’s really Kay lol.

      I did respond to that inquiry of yours before, @ro26lives since you have asked that on a different post although I don’t think I got the tagging right. Anyway, yes we currently do not have the ‘Back to top’ feature on the site because our current theme, or pretty much the site design, doesn’t support one. We will find a way to install one so it’ll be easier for the mobile users.

      On your other concern, I think the reply box narrows down as comment levels go up. Meaning, the more replies a comment gets, the smaller your text box is. Not exactly sure how we can fix it but you may perhaps rotate your phone when writing a reply. That’s my best possible solution for now.

  5. Wong really like let loose during holiday. He start by watch Christmas Story on Christmas Eve while snort about half kilo of cocaine by Christmas morning. After that Wong not remember much what happen until about mid January when he either wake up in prison or some foreign country whore house laying between several ‘lady of the night’. That how he meet Mrs Wong.???

  6. When someone says “Merry Christmas” to me, they get a “Fucking Kiss My Ass” in return, (other than one person and she knows who she is). Fuck all of them. It’s their own damn fault for trying to spread false cheer. It only serves their selfish motives to feel like they’re special and have done something great by spewing empty and meaningless words. They forget all about your ass five seconds after they say it and go back to being focused on their own pathetic lives. But they will remember me for a while, because I ruined their day and hopefully succeeded in crushing their holiday spirits.
    If one of those people truly wanted to spread cheer to me, then they could just walk out in front of a speeding bus, or truck. Now, that would really cheer me up.

  7. I lost my Dad in Mid July a year and a half ago. Haven’t seen a single family member since his memorial service and have only spoken with my Mom since then and just twice at that. Been down in the dumps since he left but I’m crawling out of the main funk of it all and to answer your question; “No.” “We don’t ever get over it, but get on after it.”
    Maybe that’s a phrase just coined and here on riGOREmortis.

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