Man’s Arm Ripped Off in Accident

Man's Arm Ripped Off in Accident

Good evening, Gorriors! And what have we here? A gnarly ass motorcycle accident in which the arm of the victim was ripped completely off. Not only that, but it created a hole which allows us a glimpse into the man’s chest cavity. I can only assume that the man didn’t live long after suffering such a serious injury.

In the video we follow the person filming as he first surveys the carnage of the armless man and then down the street a-ways to see the severed arm lying in the street. Always a grim reminder that we are but flesh. And flesh tears, bleeds, dies and rots.

Thanks, @mrspink!

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11 thoughts on “Man’s Arm Ripped Off in Accident

  1. Ha, that arm kinda looks like a chicken wing doesn’t it? Shit is it just me or does a body part from every other video look like a piece of food? I must be losing it.. damn sleep deprivation. Off to bed for me. But first, a late night snack.

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