Man Pisses Himself While Slowly Dying From Stab Wounds

Man Pisses Himself While Slowly Dying From Stab Wounds

Video shows a stabbing victim slowly succumbing to his injuries as he lays bleeding on the floor, gasping his last. As his life blood leaks from his body, his bladder has also emptied its contents. Death doesn’t give a fuck, it’s the great equalizer. It’ll make you shit and piss yourself right in front of everyone. It doesn’t care, it’ll fuck your own mother right in front of you.

That’s all I have on this incident, no info on the circumstances of the stabbing, but let’s all put our thinking caps on and try to figure out where this video could be from…

And props to the Pink!

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16 thoughts on “Man Pisses Himself While Slowly Dying From Stab Wounds

  1. I know our morbid fascination would suffer if it was different, but it really gets to me how different these bogans are to ‘my kind’ of people. The 3 big differences in my world are
    1) My kind of people here in Oz would only ever pull out their phone in this kind of situation , to ring the bloody ambo’s ! 2) To stand there filming like that would get you thrown in the cells, and 3) All the bystanders would be trippin over each other to help the poor victim with kind words and effective first aid ………

    • Yep.. us Aussies are a real compassionate bunch. You sure the part about getting thrown in the cells for filming a dude dying is true? I mean I know some of the shit that people can get thrown in jail for can be pretty stupid but that’s just ridiculous. Hmmm wonder if it’d be worth more jail time than filming someone nude without their permission…

      • Hey jack – i reckon if this video was instead recorded in my back block (Mackay Nth Queensland )
        I reckon the cops , community and the media would have a field day and i think the camera man would be arrested & charged with ‘failure to render first aid resulting in death ‘ or something to that effect. I mean really, the is no justification you could give for your actions. To film a guy struggling to breathe because of stabs to the heart and lungs, without muttering a single comforting word is pretty fucking disgusting and very uncivilised and our proud Australian white man Anglo culture would absolutely not tolerate it……..

  2. Its so, ……. so sureal to wach another human beeing die. I spent the entire time looking at his eyes, its as if he was transfixed on his fate, as if he could see what was next, or maybe he was waching what hes left? And as he layed there on the ground gasping, not breathing air i instantly knew that his death wasnt a suprise. That man knew he was going to die.

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