Brazilian Man Decapitated by His Own Brother

Brazilian Man Decapitated by His Own Brother

Well, well, well, decapitations are all the rage this year boys and gores. Getting tired of them? I’m not! So here’s another one, this time from Brazil. The murder took place in São José dos Basilios last Thursday morning (Dec. 8th). The killer, identified only as Raimundo came to his brother Francisco’s property where they got into an argument. Pissed off over whatever the argument was about, Raimundo grabbed a type of sickle tool and stuck his brother in the throat with it until removing the head completely. He then left the body sitting in a chair and wrapped the head in a cloth but was later apprehended and confessed. The victim is survived by four children.

Thanks @mrspink!

ON A SIDE NOTE: Seen Mad Max: Fury Road last night for the first time. I highly recommend checking it out, it’s got the Obli seal of approval!

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26 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Decapitated by His Own Brother

  1. Lol just casually draping a tea towel over the neck hole as if no one will notice the head is missing ?? should have balanced a melon under the tea towel he could have sat there for a few days before people noticed the smell… given the guy a ‘head’ start on his getaway ??

  2. Not much blood for a beheading. Which reminds me of the decapitated girl a few articles back…zero blood on her torso or around her body. She was killed elsewhere, probably with clothes on which soaked up the blood, and then transported there, stripped, and positioned to look like a sex crime. In reality, this must have been business. I think she owed the wrong person and they came to collect.

  3. Are the dogs in the background dead or just snoozing? Hopefully the latter. And @obli, hell yes! That movie is one of my favorites. I rewatch it every couple months. Tom hardy is one of my favorite actors cause of fury road. So glad they didn’t ruin it like so many other franchises.

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