18 Year Old Woman Decapitated in Honduras

18 Year Old Woman Decapitated in Honduras

The body of an 18-year-old woman was found dead in a rural area in Honduras. The name of the woman has not been made public although she has been identified given the id photo that has been released. The young woman was fond stripped aside from her panties and her head had been cut off and stuck in a tree. Her incredulous death stare looking up to the heavens as if asking “why?”. No suspects and no motive for the crime as of yet.

31 thoughts on “18 Year Old Woman Decapitated in Honduras

  1. I think it’s a shame any time an attractive young woman with a nice body dies. And to take her life intentionally is beyond belief. If you want to eliminate a broad, eliminate the mean, nasty, ugly lying criminal types – like Hillary Clinton.

  2. At first I thought I read she was fond of stripping which would explain how she ended up here. Involved with a bad element, some really bad hombres that improvised on the whole bag over the head routine. If you are looking for a fight go into one of their cantinas and start insulting their banana leaf wrapped tamales.

    • @BornToRun I was thinking on the same lines of her having hobnobbed with the bad elements and that’s proves substantially why was she there in the first place ………. an odd place for an attractive woman like her to be at .
      Its bizarre how there are no signs of any struggle not even the slightest of bruiser or scratches are visible on her spotless body .
      SOB was boiling so much so with anger that he even tried hacking one of her leg too .
      If she was left stripped she must have been raped too by the beast but irony is why sometimes women like these mix up with the crafty bastard is beyond me .
      Are all the good guys of late have died ?!

  3. By the look on her face, she probably really loved the person who did this terrible deed to her. She is staring up at him…At his face, as if she is deeply in love with him, but from some where in the dark recesses of her mind she sees betrayal in his eyes and knows that she is going to die. The knife comes from somewhere, from out of the left side of her vision and flashes in the dim light of the moon and the distant city lights on the horizon. In this empty field, somewhere in Latin America, another one has met her fate.

  4. @theluvmuscle Damn, that was good, my eyes got all misty reading your synopsis of this pobre muchachita’s demise. It’s sad to think that if she was under the pale moonlight all expecting romance and caring, then the horror and realization some asswipe wants to slice her up into carnitas. Oh well, it’s latin america, where they treat meat better than women.

  5. I feel this poor chick deserved so much better than what she ultimately got . I can tell she was a good hearted and intelligent girl and I can see she was also +++ blessed +++ with physical beauty, and that body ! Wow. A true & genuine feminine “Lê trīféçtä ” is such a rare phenomenon in the short list of positive humanoid features. It’s very unfortunate that this fine example of human brilliance was enveloped by a fine example of human ugliness – just like adding a blob of black paint to a blob of stark crisp white paint – you very quickly end up with a fucking awful mess and scratch your head wondering what force ever permitted these opposites, with such obvious side effects, to meet. What a shame…..

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