Video Depicting Necrotising Fasciitis of the Ass

Video Depicting Necrotising Fasciitis of the Ass

Good Friday. my little Gorriors. I have here an interesting video of a fascinating process known as necrotising fasciitis. The person in question has had most of their backside eaten away, leaving an exposed pink mass of meat which the doctor lovingly probes with his finger. Seriously, it kind of looks like fun.

Thanks @mrspink!

This post is dedicated to the Butt Hurt.

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32 thoughts on “Video Depicting Necrotising Fasciitis of the Ass

    • @blucon Haha! Are you channeling a little iip there? I would hope this lady is flying high on a heavy dose of morphine and not feeling any pain. But when the doc shoves his finger in one of those orifices she might shout, ‘Not without a ring and a wedding date!’.

      • Bro @BornToRun Hee hee hee !! ; that’s limerick for a change
        I swear she’s been highly sedated and has shut herself to the senses that trigger pain signals but that butt is making the Doc romance her a little too much and she wouldn’t be shy of going ga- ga if he tries shoving in too deep
        and wouldn’t hesitate asking for a ring and a wild wedding date but she will have to remain in her birthday suit out of choice , because one look and her butt is making my butt hurt
        sadly enough ; her anal pleasures with the Doc are ruled out.
        But with that kinda “Butt “, kardashian sisters will be given a run for their money any day !

  1. I think big wounds like this are not nearly as painful as you imagine. By the time the wound has progressed to this stage most of those pesky nerve endings are long gone. Its the same with pressure sores on the sacrum. They can be as big and deep and able to fit a closed fist and you wonder how in the hell they could let it get so bad. Well I think the reason is because they keep sitting / lying on it because its not painful and they don’t realise its happening. Also this wound is very chronic and months old and doesn’t really threaten life like it is in the video. However if it got infected that could change. But I think they are now in the theatre, patient is under general anesthetic conditions and surgeon is more than likely going to debride the wound so he can apply a skin graft to cover that flap. He’ll take skin from the thighs most likely, which ironically will leave a new big and very painful wound…….

      • Methicillin-resistant Staph. aureus. I’ve had it in my right leg before. Wound up in the hospital with it. I had an open sore on my leg and it was thought I picked it up at a different hospital during an outpatient procedure since I didn’t have it covered. Could have lost my leg below the knee. I lucked out.

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