Taxi Driver Bound and Hacked Apart by Cartel

Taxi Driver Stabbed and Hacked Apart by Cartel

Two videos here showing the murder of a taxi driver in the city of Zihuatanejo, in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. The cartel responsible for the murder identify themselves as Guardia Guerrerense, AKA Guerro Guard. Man is shown naked and blindfolded before he is systematically dismembered with an axe. Second video is a six minute aftermath of the man’s dead body being chopped up. Imagine being in that situation, knowing you are dead no matter what, but before you die you get to feel yourself being cut into pieces. Imagine that horror.

Many thanks to @mrspink.

and a six minute hack fest:

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57 thoughts on “Taxi Driver Bound and Hacked Apart by Cartel

    • The ax-man needed a nice, thick cutting board. Would have saved dulling the edge of his axe.

      And meat and leather must be really cheap there, because they wasted lots of good, lean cuts of meat and some really nice white hides.

  1. Come to think of it what was it that the Taxi Driver do to deserve such a brutal end ………….to his sorry life ………….utter mistrust may be
    I am sure he really had the cartel guys lose their head because that would mean his being done to death that way was giving some sorta satisfaction to the one with the axe and the others bystanders who were not caught on the camera were enjoying it equally .
    I think he drove his Taxi too far outta mistrust and finally got caught red handed
    Oh my my Seems like Mexico is warming up once again to the warmth of blood .
    and words like AYE ! AYE!! AYE !!!

  2. I’m still wondering the role taxi drivers have in the drug trade in Mexico, but it seems to be a prominent one, as this is not the first cab driver to be tortured and killed on video. Those guys did chop him up like a piece of lumber. You can hear them light up cigars, the cellphone notification, just another day at work to satisfy the drug habits of their northern neighbours.

    And the scary thing is that these are people that have resources; lots of money and weapons. They even have hackers that can track people down (they have killed journalists before). Safe to say that the main Mexican Cartels have as much power as the Mexican government, if not more.

  3. Seems like they were chopping away at the victim like they either really enjoyed it, or they were really pissed at him.

    If I’m ever mad enough to do someone like that, I’m slicing off the penis and balls first, just to humiliate the guy by taking his manhood. Then, the hands and feet, and give the trophies to the crowd watching. A pretty lady or a bi- or gay guy gets the penis and balls.

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