Man Shocks Little Boy With Electric Shock Device

Man Shocks Little Boy With Electric Shock Device

The piece of shit fucker below is a Vietnamese gay man who clearly got off on abusing little children. The video shows the man in Cambodia shocking a little boy with an electric shock device as the child screams in pain. He also hits the child, tries to shove something in his mouth, gags him, and ties him up. The video goes on for eight minutes but it’s obvious it’s been edited, so I am sure it went on a whole lot longer than that. He was abusing more than just this one child. The man was arrested yesterday in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam after the child in the video died. Police found 48 video clips of him abusing Cambodian children. Authorities are continuing to investigate the case. I’d say someone needs to put a bullet in his head, but that’s too easy. Here’s to hoping Cambodian prison is like Brazilian prison.

Thanks to @MrsPink

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31 thoughts on “Man Shocks Little Boy With Electric Shock Device

  1. Oh I would love to take this guy in my yard and have fun with him. I would call over some friends as well so they can join the fun. I would make sure he will totally pay for that shit he did. No one should do that to a child. He will be living for a bit with a lot of shallow stab wounds and cuts. Show him some electricuting as well. Rest in peace lil one.

    • Same. I watched a few seconds and turned it off. That poor baby was so skinny also. Where the duck did he get this baby!? I wonder if he was going around babysitting, the sick fuck. My heart goes out to the little one who experienced nothing but pain and suffering his whole short life. I’m beyond upset about this one.

    • @thejudge I think he is feeding the sick depravity of westerners willing to pay money to see such things. I saw a documentary about people who will sit their children in front of the computer, they log onto a certain site, and people pay them money to do what ever they say to the little kids. In this big bad world, children don’t mean shite to quite a few people.
      Ok, I’m really sad now. I have to go hug my babies.

  2. @woodwork …dam right lots of people pay to play..prob another contact for the elite to practice their child trafficking/porn/spirt cooking..prob a potesta/clinton funded area..Lucifian assholes..the man in the vid has had the wee thing for a while..malnourished & kept naked.
    Ok lets see.. let secure him, get hold of his cock make him hard ..then hold it firm & with a scalpel cut the eye of his cock down to the base of the tazer the open wound..keep his mouth unbound..slice off one side of the head & tazer him in the mouth,.as he screams drop that bit of flesh in his mouth..then tazer the open wound..cut of the next side of the head & tazer his mouth & drop last bit in..tazer open lets groom his ass with the his fucking hole & give him a buzz..then for shits & gigs chop his wanking hand off & his feet

  3. So what has the sadist Bastard achieved in the end ? some joy seeing that little child scream with terrible pain ……………believe me .to watch .this eight minute long video was itself a torture to me; but I did watch till the end to see how far this motherfucker can go
    ………I hope when he lands in a prison anywhere in Cambodia the inmates therein must hack his body to twice the pieces he had subjected those children to which means 96 pieces and thrown to the hungry dogs in a street corner or simply dumped aside and set ablaze …………..
    but that hacking must be slow for him to realize what inflicting pain to other means .

  4. Nope. Not gonna watch it. Cant do it. Children and animals. No way. I say the simplest solution to this problem is very easy really. Just shoot him between his slanty fuckin’ eyes. Period. Then move on to your day. Done. Finito….

  5. What a Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I’m so ?? fxxxin upset that this motherxuckex did this, I want to see what happens to this cretin piece of shit in prison, bless the poor little soul rest in peace little angel, and all the other innocent children ?. I want to eat this fuckxr alive slowly torture him in ways unimaginable.

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