Woman With Severe Bed Sores

Woman With Severe Bed Sores

This is a Vietnamese woman with severe bed sores. This happens a lot to the elderly and to people who can’t get around properly and have no caretakers or their caretakers are pieces of shit and don’t actually take care of them or turn them every few hours. Bed sores are something that can be prevented, but again, people are pieces of shit and don’t help people who can’t help themselves. This is one of the worst cases I’ve seen, and I am sure it was insanely painful for the patient. Not to mention she is very emaciated. @MrsPink says the chanting going on is Buddhist chanting, but after awhile it started to sound like they were saying “I need a fuck.” over and over to me. I clearly need Jesus. 🙁

Thanks to @mrspink!

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21 thoughts on “Woman With Severe Bed Sores

  1. Oh fuck this one is painful to even watch! I’m surprised I don’t have these fucking things considering the amount of time I spend lying on my bed. Although I’m always going to the kitchen to get food or drinks lol. As for the chanting, pretty sure they are saying ‘I need a fuck’ haha!

  2. Doubly sad ’cause the Asian culture treasures their elders. They must have left her laying about for some time because that is one gaping hole above the tailbone. The chants should have been ‘Indiana dog, Indiana dog. . .’ to bring this poor old bag some well intentions.

  3. AHAHAHAH!!! You’re right, they ARE saying “I need a fuck” over and over again! 😆 Didnt know that bed sores could go as bad as that… 😐 and here i am complaining when my elbows gets sore when resting them for too long. Also… she has very little gray hair for an old lady.

  4. One would think that in stead of singing ‘I need ‘a fuck’ they would help cleaning out those bed sores they help cause by not rotating that poor skinny woman, and if they need to fuck why don’t they just fuck each other, sounds like a man and a woman doing all that singing together,,, ”’ people ”

  5. Rotting away while starving is a most horrible death sentence. It certainly isn’t living.

    It’s modern day Scaphism, which should also be the punishment for anyone committing this kind of atrocious neglect, especially if that is their profession.

  6. Those are some of the worst bedsores I have ever seen. When I was a young nurse I saw an old man with sores like these to the bone. His family had been taking care of him and had neglected to turn him. The smell was that of a rotting carcass. Never will forget trying to clean and dress those wounds. Several coworkers couldn’t stomach the smell so I was usually assigned because I could handle it.

  7. Having I have been a caregiver for about 8years this is terrible to see but mind you I’ve seen some fucked up shit myself including a bed sore on the bum that you could put your fist through but the worst thing I ever saw was the aftermath of when a nurse accidentally pulled out a ladies catheter….it was like looking at a bloodied golf ball coming out ?

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