Gallery of Recent Cartel Hits Across Mexico

Gallery of Recent Cartel Hits Across Mexico

@mrspink informs me that the following images are from recent cartel activity across Mexico. Many separate incidents compiled into one collection. Some of the victims were those with drug debts, some were relatives of cartel members and some were police informants. As is common practice, many times the target of the cartel will not be the only victim. Abduction, torture and ultimate execution of an individual is a reality but opportunistic street hits are also carried out where any man, woman and even child in the vicinity at the time will also be taken out. As illustrated with several images in the gallery.

props to the Pink!

28 thoughts on “Gallery of Recent Cartel Hits Across Mexico

  1. How can anyone be so callous as to kill children, especially toddlers? Like many on here, I am an atheist, but it’s people who do this kind of crap to kids that makes me sometimes wish there was a hell, just so those that would carry out such atrocities would truly suffer for all eternity.

  2. Looks like the Cartel has been busy ruining their image again. Think about how much blood was shed next time you buy your drugs from your local dealers for you to get high. You dont wanna pay taxes that finances wars but you wanna pay drug dealers so they can execute entire families?… fuck logic. πŸ˜€

  3. All those piles of bodies stinking up the place. Rigor Mortis Fun Facts “Well, all the bodies are in varying stages of mortis (rigor mortis, livor mortis, or algor mortis). Fun fact! Rigor affects both smooth and skeletal muscles, including hair follicles (resulting in postmortem ‘goose bumps’) and seminal vesicles (resulting in postmortem semen release).” Source: So our friend HLAM can rest assured he will jizz in death and for an eternity.

  4. Its funny, i was just thinking who is truly responsible for all of this. Thanks Regean for you war in dugs you created to make yourself and others wealthy while destroying an entire country, (70,000 dead in mexico from the war on drugs alone) not to mention you created a multi billion dollar industry that now controls several parts of our goverment. (Prison lobbys, prison gaurd union) and finaly, for the gore. Thanks Ron, you did an excelent job in destroying/ending the lives of millions for yours and others profit.

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