Ten Year Old Burmese Girl Hangs Herself

10 Year Old Burmese Girl Hangs Herself

On December 3rd the parents of a 10 year old little girl came home to find that their young daughter had hung herself. Apparently the girl had accidentally broke the water faucet and was afraid she would get into trouble. She attempted to fix it herself by gluing it but when that didn’t work, she hung herself. The little girl was home alone with her 5 year old brother while her parents were at work. They came home four hours later and found her. I can’t even imagine what the parents felt when they saw their child had committed suicide. It’s sad that a child even knows what suicide is, but that’s reality for you.

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30 thoughts on “Ten Year Old Burmese Girl Hangs Herself

  1. I just wonder what kind of upbringing a child that young has to go that route. Did she have a legitimate reason to fear her parents reaction or was this a young girl who panicked and made a mountain out of a molehill? Either way it’s very sad. RIP little one

  2. I just sat down to comment and my heart bled thinking of the atrocities this little child might have been subjected to ………. it hit me hard and cut me apart thinking if for a petty little reason the kid was so paranoid and so much under duress what kinda hell she might have had lived through .
    The parents must be the true incarnation of devils and they no longer belong to the human society as of date and need to be done to death
    Each one must be lynched and necklaced with fueled up tyres with their mouths gagged and sealed conjointly.
    and not only that its about street fuckers too who simply own sweet innocent animals just for the heck of it and then they disown and later they go starving or beating them to death .

    this earth is a bad place to be at when no one is yours

    • @blucon it seems like she was given a lot of responsibility for her age, looking after her brother and the house. Too much for a 10 year old on a regular basis. Breaking a water faucet may seem trivial to us but to her she was responsible for whatever happened when her parents were working. Very sad and I hope the little brother is removed from them.

  3. @blucon my thoughts must have transmitted to you and @re-pete those parents must have really fucked this kid up in the past to make her feel suicide was only alternative to punishment from them..truly sad state of affairs when it ends this way,but even more so since such an innocent little one and not some random joeblow

  4. I have to disagree with what happened. Who says it was a suicide? Did this little girl leave a suicide note explaining the broken faucet? I think we need to follow this and we will find out that the parents or a close family member killed this child!

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