Man Crushed in Sugar Cane Grinder

Man Crushed in Sugar Cane Grinder

Freak accident here occurred at the Bio Energy Plant (formerly Bonin) in Brazil. A 39-year-old man identified as Clodoaldo dos Santos was sucked into a sugar cane grinding machine and mutilated beyond recognition. His body ripped and head smashed. At the time of the accident, Dos Santos was welding one of the drainage canals of the crushing machine when he was knocked inside by cane being pushed along towards the machine. Workers say that the engines had been turned off yet the machine went into operation regardless once it sensed Santos flesh nearby. The machine was only on for approximately 20 seconds but it was more than enough time to make mince meat out of the poor sap.

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16 thoughts on “Man Crushed in Sugar Cane Grinder

  1. That grinder had jaw-dropping crush on this guy and now he is a SUGAR DAD BABE .
    ………….gimme some juice man I have been thirsting long enough and talk about sap everything goes when its this sweet ..What the ‘ F’ MAN

  2. For some reason, I am not buying the “it was an accident” story. That machine looks too old to have sensors that supposedly activated it. I don’t even see any sensors on it in the photos at all. Either someone turned it on intentionally, or they were being careless and not paying attention that he was in there.

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