Landlord Burns Alive Trapped Inside Apartment

Landlord Burns Alive Trapped Inside Apartment

This incident occurred back in April, 2016. A 30-year-old landlord identified only as “Li” was burned to death in an apartment when he became trapped. He’s heard screaming in Cantonese as he finds himself stuff between the security windows he installed and the raging fire inside. The fire started around 4 p.m. but fire and rescue were not able to extinguish the blaze until 4:40 p.m., much too late for Li, who was burned to a crisp inside the building. No other injuries or deaths were reported. Ironic how the safety measures he took to keep his tenants safe ended up being his own death trap.

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27 thoughts on “Landlord Burns Alive Trapped Inside Apartment

  1. I wonder what version of the latest WINDOWS he couldn’t escape cause if it was Current stable version: 10.0.10586.318 there might have been possibilities but alas knowing too much Cantonese turns out to be the major root of any problem

    He should have tried hitting ESC tab to come out ALIVE

      • Bro@BornToRun Tee HeeHeeHeeHee Tee HeeHeeHeeHee
        it was all of a sudden when the Blue Screen showed up and then there was no escaping cause the fire moved in like some serpentine licking orange and blue flames even though the WINDOWS tried rebooting to negotiate over β€œSTOP Error.” message by doing its best but it was a crash thereafter for both the man and his fucked up grilled window ………..
        He died singing blaze of glory in cantonese …….lol
        He was a little monkey who locked up his own self in a cage to death

    • @blucon Although a good majority of the world’s electronics are manufactured in china. The Apple plant in china has suicide nets around the roof of the buildings to keep workers from trying to punch out early.

      • @BornToRun …………And the very reason why suicide nets are in place because the Apple Plant has a history of many of its workers having committed suicide in the past since the working condition are way below par and pathetic at its most . Imagine a group of workers put together like sardines in a tin
        with low pay packets with no other perks to boost their morale and having to live and breathe in the worst of living conditions..

    • @blucon The only experience ive had with windows 10 was back when it first came out. Bought a laptop from wallmart with it installed. Opened, and litearly after waiting 10min for explorer to open. It goes straight to some like black kink porn. Not even google or msn. Nope just kinky black porn.

      • @stonedrocks I guess right after its release a year and a half ago roughly and your having bought from a wallmart suggests that it might have been a second hand piece earlier used by someone who rather preferred having a kinky black porn as his Home Page over some of the other popular ones which you me and the rest usually have . Make no mistake cause if it was IE being your default browser and the laptop was brand new there is no way that the browser would have strayed and not been on MSN or else yours must have been a piece imported from China . ………….
        Well you understand what I mean ……….and hey I was just joking my man .I hope your Windows 10 is behaving well after all that what you experienced with no room for any kinky black porn.anymore

        • The box looked tampered with when i bought it. I actualy took it back the next day because well, when kinky black porn is just the begining, i dont want to see the rest. I dont even own a computer at the moment, they cant be trusted!

          (Spent all day trying to get that damn computer to work lol even after deleting all the porn spam that kept popping up it soon became clear it had some nasty malware. Like something you catch looking in shady places. Although….. pinball was.working great on it and i spent about an hour feeling like a kid on a dell)

  2. He was likely a typical Chinese man. We’ve seen the “compassion” of the typical Chinese on this site. Heartless, leaving dying accident victims on the road without so much as a sip of water or any other token of compassion. He received pay back (karma) for renting out a high rent, rat infested shit-hole. He burned his poor tenants for years. Time for him to be burned.

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